The Next New Moon in Aquarius will rise on January 24th, 2020

New Moons occur when Sun and Moon are conjunct – sunlight hits only the back half of the Moon, which is why we can’t see her. So at THIS lunar rebirth, both of our twin luminaries are streaming their celestial energy at us from this same sign of modern, creative and progressive thought.

This a time to be expanding your perspectives.

It’s a time for breaking down the boundaries of what you want (and think it’s possible) to manifest for your life and beyond: Aquarius is also strongly attached to the outcome of the collective, and has an acute awareness and desire to help raise up the whole of humanity on its highest path, and not just the individual.

Uranus, Aquarius’ ruling planet shifted from Aries, into earth sign Taurus back in March 2019. The agitation, the shaking up and breaking down of this unsteady influence on this most stable of signs are wielding a heavy influence. Notably in environmental concerns – the climate crisis (Thank YOU Greta) and monetary changes.

Uranus is striving to wake us up.

…To invigorate and inspire new, revolutionary ways of being, to take the place of the old.

It’s been an unsteady, unsettling time, with each one of us on the knife-edge of our personal lives as well as walking the line for the collective. We are trying SO HARD to get through, to walk forward in a state of empowerment, and not fall back into old ways.

In amongst this shifty time, (and this IS being divinely orchestrated to bring us further into alignment!) this New Aquarius Moon brings us a moment of rational, mental precedence.

Aquarius is a thinker.

The functioning of our minds, led by the upper chakras, is strengthened and supported under this sign. Use it, and this Aquarian Moon (combined with its solar transit) will create a balanced foothold from which to move forward.  It should be easy to avoid being pulled into any emotional upset, disarray or impulsiveness over this New Moon phase

So where focus your intentions this month?

1. Break down your own limiting beliefs

 Aquarian energy is progressive. As an air sign, it likes movement: literal breathing space.

Look at where in your life you have walls in your thinking, especially in how you perceive the world to be.

  • What are the limits of what you think is possible?
  • Are there any plans you would love to lay down, but seem beyond your capabilities?
  • Do you believe your circumstances are limiting you?

Maybe you don’t even let yourself entertain certain wants or desires, for fear of realising you COULD actually be going somewhere or doing something wildly different from the here and now? (Hello Aquarius!)

Notice these limiting beliefs.

Notice the way they impact what you allow yourself (in these potent, emergenct, New Moon days and nights) to think, or not think. Yes – we’re talking thoughts here, not feelings necessarily. Remember – Aquarius rules the mind so let this be your focus.

2. Focus on service and the genuine progress of the collective.

What matters most here, are intentions and aims that hold at their core, the highest expression of e-v-e-r-y-b-o-d-y. This IS about you (for YOU have the power). But it’s also about others.

What can you do to help raise the consciousness of all?

Think outside the box. Aquarian energy is revolutionary. It breaks the rules.

But this is a BIG ask! So here’s how it works…

To shift the fabric of reality, even just a little (which is what you’re doing when you set intentions at New Moon, and create your world consciously) alters the experience of all. So it’s vital now, to begin to learn to do this not just to serve our own interests, but to serve the interests of the whole.

Aquarian energy is intellectual: it invigorates and activates the workings of the brain, it is powerful!

Buuuuttt….When manifesting from the brain, and that means imagining, thinking through the details, planning the logical steps to materialize our desires (basically creating with consciousness sitting firmly in the cerebral cortex), the creation will mirror the make-up of the brain: it will be polarised.

Yes – Manifesting from the thinking brain creates polarization.

For all the ‘good’ that is created and experienced, an equal measure of its opposing value will also be created. This is how it works.

Manifesting through heart imagery

When co-creating in this way, your center of consciousness lies further down inside your heart, and imagining emanates from this sacred space of unity.

Without logical, rational, polarised thought, you’re able to easily, smoothly move into a state of alignment with the flow of the rest of creation.  What you manifest ceases to stem from the desires of an ego which must function within the rules of what’s reasonable. Instead, it becomes a feeling, an intuition of what life needs from you.

When co-creating from the heart, many people can only exist in a state of surrender, realising once they arrive, that they’re actually one with Source. So there’s no reason any more to override its path. Life’s path, Source’s path, and YOUR path are the same.

This New Moon, Aquarius asks us to join these two worlds.

To receive and know divine, intellectual inspiration, to push the boundaries of what you think is possible, and to create it from your hearts.

Create from the heart, and serving humanity becomes the echo, the inevitable and easy outcome of conscious co-creation.

So this New Moon, try dropping your ego, relinquishing your demands, and instead open your heart to what the flow of Universe requires of you this cycle.

I invite you to see what happens.

New Moon blessings,


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