Welcome, Lunar Love!

Our Moon has many lessons to teach you: with each changing cycle, phase, transit and aspect, she brings a particular flavour of  medicine.

Some of her remedies are sweet and blissful, they will gracefully lift and raise you up, higher than before.  And some will bring the bitterness of deeply buried shadow, demanding incredible resilience and strength to navigate.  But whether or not you taste the gifts she brings this time around, they will return again, another day, another cycle… It’s her nature, and it is ours too.

Much of the truth and experience of cyclic living has been lost.


The linear perspective has over-run many of our ancient, ancestral methods of marking, holding and weaving time, but Gaia continues.  She has done for all of these years, whilst the collective has been sleeping.   

But we are waking up!  


And in today’s world, to decide to live, work, play, create, love, cry and heal by the cycles is to live the evolutionary path: to follow spirals of growth, instead of climbing ladders, is one of the most potent ways that I know of, to re-claim your power.

And now is the time when this medicine of the Moon is SO needed, when Mother Earth and her sacred, feminine luminary are both reaching out, inviting us to dive back into their cyclic embrace, and merge with their rhythmic dance!

Because it is through this synchronisation, through the linking of our hearts with the great, beating pulse of nature, that freedom and purpose can be found, and the lessons of this age will be revealed, and healed!

It starts with you and me, but it will run and spread and spill through generations, and back through ancestral lines.  The sacred alignments that you make now, will start to heal history. They will heal yours and mine and the collective story …

This is what we are here to do!

But to embark upon the search, the quest, for for a deeper, more creative, more divinely fulfilling and integrated path can be confusing, daunting and tricky, especially if you are not to simply swap one form of consumerism for another, more ‘spiritual’ in name, but no less empty.

So how will YOU learn to safely, authentically and truthfully walk this path of sacred alignment?

How will you embody and express the magic, divine and cyclical YOU, whilst still working at being a successful, balanced and conscious adult, in a radically changing world?

If you’re ready to re-ignite your sacred self, to devote some of your precious time and energy to an ancient way of embracing life, then I invite you into the Moon School!

Please, come on in …