This is a place devoted to the unfurling of the sacred feminine 

The words here, in this space, are fully intended to invoke a remembering of the hidden ways of our ancient sisters, the ones who kept safe the tools and methods, the knowledge and the secrets of the feminine.

She rises on the planet again. Can you feel her return?

But to stay here, She needs us to anchor Her in … and this is where the work is.

Mother Earth doesn’t need saving.

She has already ascended!

She did so years ago but she yearns for her children to come with her. Can you feel how close it is?  And Mother Earth is showing us the way!

So open up your eyes, your heart and your womb and you will see the path unfold before you.

This work isn’t cryptic or hard to work out.  But it isn’t what we’ve grown used to, after millennia of patriarchal rule.

A radically ‘new’ way of being is needed, for this feminine earth wisdom to be truly be seen, heard and then woven into the fabric of the New Earth, growing up around us…“Radically New” to us modern humans, but well known to our wombs. So the work is really a re-tracing of steps and a re-learning of ancient ways…

Here, I will share what I re-trace and what I re-learn.


Because this is how we begin…