Is embracing your golden shadow the key to a more fulfilling and purposeful life?**

** Scroll right to the end to find out…

Do you ever feel like there’s another “you” hidden somewhere inside?

A YOU that is confident, capable, gifted, aligned and at ease in every single moment…? 

Well, that isn’t just a figment of your imagination….That YOU is real! 

S/he IS there, just below the surface of your consciousness… held inside something called the “golden shadow”.

Read on, and I’ll show you exactly how to track that source of golden juju down…

BUT isn’t the shadow dark and scary?!

When most people think about the shadow, they’re not thinking of the golden shadow.

What’s YOUR idea of shadow? Is it something dark, dangerous, shameful and forbidden? Something so full of *negative* emotions that you need to keep under wraps…

Well… that’s half true. In this journey through human life, we HAVE mostly been taught to keep our shadows hidden…

But if you peel back the layers, you’ll come across something golden – the golden shadow. And THIS is a part of you that contains all sorts of exceptional, unusual, strong, and powerful aspects… aspects that are unfulfilled potential.

When you begin to explore shadow work, and delve into the ‘darker’ side of your own psyche, you’ll not only find what’s there (hello long lost fragments of my soul…!)

But you’ll also understand WHY your own shadow formed in the first place.

And the WHY can be really, really useful when it comes to self-knowledge (which is what this work is ALL about). So don’t skip past this part.

QUICK shadow recap:

Usually, the shadow forms because your culture, society and even (especially) your own family doesn’t accept a certain quality you express. So as children, we suppress and disown those qualities in order to keep ourselves safe and supported by our caregivers.

This is absolutely normal.

It’s called conditioning.


BUT Why does the golden shadow form..?

It’s highly likely that some of the qualities that were criticised in you – the aspects of yourself that learned to suppress and disown – were actually pretty darn amazing!

…Incredible qualities that – had you not been triggered into rejecting – would have developed into your greatest gifts and talents!

It’s a tragedy, isn’t it?

And what’s even more tragic is that very often it’s a person’s creative potential that isn’t embraced or accepted, so THAT is what ends up in the shadow. It was the swiss psychologist Carl Jung who identified the golden shadow as the place that our creative potential goes.

So why does creativity end up in the golden shadow?

Because creativity is often wild, unpredictable, expressive, loud, colourful, and free.

…And these are exactly the kinds of traits that larger society tends NOT to favour.

**Think that’s not true? Where do governments always make their first funding cuts?

***Think Instagram is choc full of “creatives? How genuinely creative can you actually be when your parameters are a three inch digital square..?

Most creativity isn’t real, unrestricted human expansion. It’s distorted creativity. It’s clear (to me) that it’s creativity that’s been stuck in the shadow for too long, and has forgotten its true nature.

Because the truth is: real, genuine, creativity is threatening to the status quo.

(And if you’re sitting there thinking, “well, I’m not creative so this doesn’t apply to me…. Think again. You could be EXACTLY the person with a golden inner creative, just waiting for you to bust that door to your hidden psyche WIDE open!

What other amazing qualities end up in the golden shadow?

There are many any other incredible qualities and traits that also end up in the golden shadow. The list is endless.

But most have something in common: At some point, in some way, they were perceived to be threatening to others. If your light is shining too brightly, then other people may want to put it out, lest you tread on their toes on the way up…

Our own potential can also scare us.

The famous Marianne Williamson quote: “Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure. It is our light, not our darkness that most frightens us”. Speaks of the golden shadow so clearly…

So we self-sabotage, in order to protect ourselves from the perceived threat of our own potential success… fragmenting the pieces of our psyces.

So where do these separated + submerged pieces go?

They go into your into your golden shadow.

Golden or not, all shadows live in the unconscious

… And this means you’re not aware of them! You’re likely not aware of anything that your shadow contains – it’s out of your line of sight. Which is why shadow seeking is an art and a practice to learn…

3 Quick methods to find, embrace and liberate your golden shadow

 Like ALL shadow work, seeking your golden shadow begins with a practice of self-awareness.

Here are 3 pathways in…

Method 1. work out the triggers that make you cast criticism + judgment outwards

Are you ever triggered by people who seem happy, joyful and at ease in their own skin?

Or maybe you can’t stand to be around people who are ambitious, set huge goals or talk about money? 

The next time this happens, try to notice yourself criticizing or finding fault (even if you don’t actually vocalise this, you’re making it about what they are doing wrong).

Take careful note of the qualities in them that you’re most triggered by. This is a pathway for you, to explore your golden shadow… 

Method 2. work out the triggers that make you cast criticism + judgement inwards

As before, begin to notice people or situations that trigger self-doubt or self-criticism.

Are there people who cause you to question yourself?

👉🏼 Who makes you feel less than?

👉🏼 Who makes you doubt your own capabilities?

Again, take careful note of the qualities that you’re most triggered by. This is another pathway for you to explore your golden shadow…

Method 3 – explore your own positive projections

Often manifesting through the teacher/student relationship, the relationship you have with a mentor, guide, or even spiritual teacher or guru can be a mirror for your golden shadow.

Your positive projections may be obvious for you, but if not, ask yourself…

  • Who do you admire?
  • Who do you envy?
  • Who do you idolise?

When you’ve landed on someone, write down the qualities they have that stand out to you.

  • What is it about this person that draws you in?
  • What do you admire/envy/idolise especially?
  • What is it about them, that activates you?

Try to hone in on some specifics, and write those down…

The more active the emotion you feel in your body when you do this, the more likely those traits are held inside your golden shadow. 

Yep – that’s right. Those qualities that you SO desire aren’t out there somewhere, they’re actually within YOU!

The only difference is, that you’ve got used to denying yourself access to them… but that’s about to change!

How to reclaim (+ integrate) your golden shadow

Shadow integration is a gentle process. It’s also something you need to do carefully, because when shadow fragments have been in the unconscious landscape for a long time, they become distorted. And you want to ensure you straighten them out before integration.

This usually happens over time. And requires a whole lot of honesty and self-awareness, before calling that golden fragment back up the scale from being disowned, to being accepted, embraced, appreciated, and eventually loved and nurtured.

When you can SEE the part of your shadow fully, it’s no longer shadow.

It becomes conscious.

This is what emotional healing is, and it’s how we expand ourselves and what we’re capable of in the world.