Do Wild Women Trigger You?

If the wild women of the world trigger you, you’ve got powerful medicine to take…

The wild woman is the untamed one.

She’s the woman who’s heard the demands of the world and knows the conditions they try to place on her… yet chooses her own path.

The wild woman isn’t ashamed.

She isn’t embarrassed.

She won’t hide herself, or deny the river of her emotions…

The wild woman dances, sings, and lives life fully, on her own terms

The wild women you see and recognise in your life probably make it look effortless. It appears as though this natural state of freedom comes easily. But for most of the women who’ve harnessed their inner wild woman archetype, it’s been a long old battle.

You see, civilised society rarely holds space for them.

Their liberation threatens the order that keeps the rest of society in their places.

Their expression makes the rest of us ask question.

Their capacity for pleasure makes us ask for more…

The existence of the wild woman makes patriarchy quake

… As she models all the things we deeply desire YET have denied in ourselves for lifetimes.

So why does she trigger you?

Because she shows up your blind spots.

The wild woman archetype – when embodied fully in the people you meet – shows up the disconnect between what you believe, and the life you are living.

But the gift here, is that the mirror she holds reveals the unconscious potential in you, to also be that free! YES! When she triggers you, it’s a sign that the hard work required to bring your own wild woman up out of the shadowlands and into the full light of your consciousness is a journey YOU are capable of. If she didn’t trigger you, the journey wouldn’t be yours to claim…

How to Make the Journey from Intimidated to Initiated…

Are you ready to meet her in youself?

You may not think so.. you may be feeling like there’s nothing you’d rather NOT do! In which case, approach this with an open mind and an even more open heart… this can simply be an exercise in self-discovery.

Step 1. Notice your inner dialogue

Whether you’re triggered by a picture on Instagram, a photo in a magazine or a woman you know.. when your critical internal dialogue kicks into gear at the sight, the first step is simply to notice.

Step 2. Journal on your thoughts

Use these journaling prompts to explore what that critical inner voice is telling you (remember, journal by hand. Let it flow. There are NO “wrong” answers).

✶ Who do you see?
✶ What do you feel when looking at her?
✶ What is she acting like?
✶ Who or what does she remind you of?
✶ What does it mean?


Step 3. Ease yourself deeper…

Once you’ve journaled with these prompts, see if you can go a little deeper into any qualities, characteristic, feelings or connections that feel intense, surprising or uncomfortable. Then take that one piece and journal again:

✶ What do you see when you look (in your mind’s eye) at this quality, characteristic, feeling or connection?
✶ How do you feel when looking at it?
✶ What does it act like? (be compassionate)
✶ What does this piece remind you of?
✶ What does it mean?

4. MOVE what you discover

The shadow feminine (and the shadow of the wild woman archetype, which is likely what you’re working with here) needs to move.

Stuck feelings need to move.

Newly released realisations need to be moved.

Take what you’ve learned through the journaling practice and dance with it. Put on a playlist and see how it wants to move through your body.

OR take it outside and go for a walk.
Walk tall.
Walk small.
Walk fast
Walk slow…

Let your emerging wild woman flow in whatever way she needs to. Initiate her into your body and your being, in exactly the way she is asking to emerge.

Live wild.

Does something about the wild woman archetype trigger you? Leave me a comment and let me know…

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