Bring the Hunter Home: Waning Gibbous Moon in Sagittarius

Women with Sagittarius Moon drawing back an archer's bow

Today the Moon is waning gibbous through the expansive realms of Sagittarius, sign of the centaur.

Well known for its adventurous spirit and philosophical depth, a Sag Moon will often infuse the collective with a sense of wanderlust and a thirst for knowledge.

… So expect to have your curiosity piqued, as this Moon draws your attention to exploration – both physical and intellectual – whilst the mundane takes on a less than enthralling edge.

BUT. Here in her slowly disseminating, post-full phase, la Luna draws us closer to the familiar.

Waning gibbous Moons call us home

Waning gibbous Moons are the signal to collect back our power, energy and attention. To gather up all the pieces of ourselves we left like breadcrumbs on the trail, under the more expansive waxing Moon phases. (Think about how much you reached, stretched, connected and generously offered yourself to the world when it felt good to do so! But when the tide turns, unless you consciously gather yourself back, your energy may stay scattered).

So how can these two (on the surface seemingly) conflicting energies – of expansion and contraction – come together, harmonize, and help us to grow?

The answer could be to turn that searching, inquisitive energy INWARDS and get really curious about your inner landscape.

So there is today’s task.

To peer within, and explore the current quality of your inner world, especially after the changes wrung in by our recent Scorpio full Moon.

The waning gibbous, or disseminating phase is the ideal time to ponder, collate, analyze and integrate the lessons you learnt over the Full Moon phase.  It’s SO important to do this now, while it’s all still fresh in your memory, and Sagittarius offers the perfect support. With this sign’s keen eye and archer’s bow sweeping the horizon for detail, today’s waning gibbous Moon in Sag WANTS to make sense of the mess.

Harness your inner explorer today. Ask yourself…

  • What have you learned?
  • What have you been shown?
  • Which of your efforts came to fruition?
  • Where has life open up a new pathway?
  • Where did life close her energy off, signalling the end of the road?

By acknowledging all of the insights and realizations you received under the full Moon – and absorbing into every level of your being – your journey becomes growth.

Conversely, if lessons aren’t fully received during one lunar cycle, they’ll keep on coming back round every next cycle, until you DO finally make the internal shift and begin to operate differently.

Be sure to use this Sagittarius Moon’s energy of curiosity to inquire with love and openness and a levity of heart. Self-judgement is not welcome here.

Lunar blessings

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