A New Moon Ritual for Manifesting BIG in 2024

New Moon for performing a manifesting ritual

The New Moon marks the start of a new lunar cycle, making it a great time to set intentions for what you really want in life. At this powerful Moon phase, we have the opportunity for a fresh start in life, whilst harnessing the energy of the cosmos to support our goals and desires.

How do you manifest during a new Moon?

Manifesting using the New Moon involves setting clear intentions for what you want to call in your life, whilst using the new Moon energy to support your goals. This lunar phase is ideal for starting new projects, coming up with new ideas or focusing on a new relationship. Whatever new beginning you want to create, one of the most popular ways to do it is through rituals.

The full Moon represents a great time to manifest too, but the energy of the full Moon phase is bolder and more magnetic. Because new and full Moon phases hold quite different energies, full Moon rituals have a slightly different manifestation process.

There are so many variations on the theme of a new moon ritual, depending on what you want to manifest, the Moon sign and other aspects of current lunar astrology. But the basic blueprint is the same for most new Moon rituals, so I’ve put together an easy-to-follow step-by-step method. Use it as your guide every new Moon!

Woman writing intentions in journal

1. Set an intention

Spend some time thinking in depth about what you truly want to create. Consider the past month, what is working in your life and what could improve.

Try to tune into your heart’s desires, rather than the tug of your ego, to ensure your intention setting is rooted in truth.

Use a plain piece of paper, or a page in your Moon journal and write down your intention. Ensure your statements are positive affirmations.

2. Create sacred space

Cleansing and clearing your working space is one of the ritual basics, so spend some time tidying up, lighting incense, and then light candles.

Do you have a dedicated Moon altar? If not, create one with flowers, or crystals such as rose quartz, moonstone, essential oils or any sacred objects associated with the same zodiac sign as the Moon.

I love to burn a little dried yarrow or mugwort from my garden, to clear stagnant energy from the space. Sweetgrass is also great for clearing any negative energy, as is Palo Santo and white sage. If you’re using these sacred herbs then source them responsibly.

3. Ground yourself

Sit quietly for a moment to connect with the strong, rooted energy of Mother Earth. Visualise roots growing down from your body into the earth below and take a few deep breaths into them.

This is a very important step when you’re working with the energy of new Moons. Grounding helps to anchor lunar energy into the 3D realm, as well as ensuring you stay embodied and focused on the work.

4. Connect with the Moon’s energy

When you feel grounded, close your eyes and visualize your crown chakra opening up like a flower.

Take a moment to see, sense, or feel lunar energy streaming down from above, entering right into it, and flowing into your body. Connect with Grandmother Moon and know you’re absorbing this energy into your physical, emotional, mental and etheric bodies.

This step is often omitted or overlooked. But it’s exactly what takes New Moon rituals from being effective to supercharged!

5. Read your intentions aloud

From the list you made earlier, speak your intentions out loud. Intention setting becomes something very different when you use your voice: Intentions go from being ideas that only exist in the realm of your thoughts, to potential realities in the outside world, beyond your imagination!

This is the first step in manifesting them into being.

6. Burn your list

When you’ve spoken your intentions aloud, burn the paper they’re written on in the flame of your candle, and place it safely in a small bowl. This will release the energy of your intentions OUT into the universe.

By burning your intentions, you are symbolically releasing them into the cosmos and allowing the universe to take over.

It’s also a powerful way to let go of any attachment to the outcome and trust in the power of the universe to support your intentions.

7. Give gratitude + close your ritual

It’s important to close the ceremony with thanks, because this enters you into an agreement that your desires are manifesting!

So give thanks to Grandmother Moon and the land you performed your new Moon ritual on. Also to any Spirit Guides, allies or lunar deities that are supporting you. And give gratitude to yourself for participating in the work of your self-realization!!

Blow out your candles and dispose of any ash or other debris.

Step by step guide to creating a new moon ritual

More new Moon ritual ideas

Use this guide as a starting point, to create rituals of your own. Be sure to add personal elements so that your Moon ritual resonates with your desires. This will help them manifest more effectively.

Here are a few more ideas to inspire your new Moon ritual…

Use Movement: Incorporate dancing, swaying, shaking, stretching, and any kind of embodiment practice that feels good.

Play Music: Play your songs that make you feel abundant and in the mood for magic! Or use music to help set up sacred space.

Draw oracle cards or have a tarot reading: If you need guidance and want to connect with your higher self, try using a deck of oracle cards or even see a tarot reader for professional direction.

Make a vision board: Love a visual representation of what you’re manifesting? Vision boarding is a brilliant way to anchor in your new Moon intentions. Grab a pile of old magazines and cut out words and pictures that encapsulate your wishes and dreams of fresh beginnings. Stick them onto a bigger piece of paper, and put it somewhere prominent.

Take a ritual bath: Harness the energy of the Moon by taking a ritual Moon bath. Take a ritual bath as part of your preparation, to cleanse your physical body before you plant seeds for the new cycle. Add the Moon water you made under the last full Moon to your ritual bath water.

Use affirmations: Create positive, supportive statements from your intentions using positive language and present tense statements. Say your affirmations during your ritual, and repeat daily until the full Moon.

Why is it best to set intentions on a new Moon?

Setting intentions during a New Moon is considered powerful and effective because it’s a time of new beginnings. Representing a blank slate, the new lunar phase offers the opportunity to make a change in life, re-orient, or conjure a new aspect of ourselves into being.

hands reaching up into blue sky to reach a new moon

When should you do new moon rituals?

New Moon rituals should be done on the day of the new Moon phase when it’s at the exact same degree as the Sun, or within the next 24 hours. Many people wait until the night time to perform their ritual under a dark sky. But at this lunar phase, the new Moon is overhead during the daytime, so it can better to hold your New Moon ritual outside in daylight hours.

Schedule around 30 minutes to 1 hour of uninterrupted time for your ritual.

Can you do a new Moon ritual the next day?

It is best to perform your new Moon ritual within 24 hours after the New Moon. During this time, the energy of the New Moon is still availabe for setting intentions and manifesting. But don’t perform your ritual any earlier, as the waning Moon and dark Moon phase aren’t well suited to manifesting practices.

Are you intimidated by the idea of new Moon rituals?

… Don’t be!

The idea of a ritual or ceremony can be scary for some people, conjuring up visions of the occult, scenes of witchcraft, and even potential danger if done incorrectly!

But in this context, the ritual comprises simply sitting down in a quiet space, lighting a candle and spending time in contact with your inner world. New Moons invite us to think about planting seeds – ones that matter.

And if you don’t have any regular spiritual practices, working with the lunar phases is a great place to begin.

Tried it…?

Leave me a comment below and tell me what you’re manifesting…

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