5 Reasons to Love the Moon ♡

Couple cuddling on surface of Full Moon
It often surprises me how many people have no idea what phase the Moon is in, and whether She’s waxing or waning…. whilst also holding firm that la Luna has a real effect on their lives!

It’s really simple to follow the Moon

You don’t need to study books or learn in classes. All you really need to do is lift your gaze into the sky… and not even the night sky – it’s a dead giveaway if you catch sight of the Moon in the morning light over the western horizon, that she is on the wane. And when her glowing orb greets you in the late afternoon, then She’s on her way to full-ness. *want daily updates? Follow the Moon School on Instagram HERE! Yes, study and attention will bring greater understanding of her cycles and rhythm. But if life’s busy enough, here’s a list of five reasons to simply follow the Moon in the sky, and fall in love with her sans complications!

1. The Moon is our timekeeper

Long ago, our ancestors kept track of time by counting how many, and what kind of Moons appeared in the night sky. It is hard to imagine a time before the working week, ticking clocks on the wall (or wrapped around your wrist), glowing iPhones, and pocket diaries all existed to neatly and accurately portion up the flow of time. But for a long time, more reliable than anything else was the appearance of the face of the Moon. She has never not completed a circuit around Earth. The reflection of sunlight has never not followed and formed the same crescent – waxing – full – waning – crescent dance across her surface. It’s only our modern selves who wish to pin this dance down to an exacting timeframe: 29 days, 12 hours, 43 minutes, 11.6 seconds. The ancients knew that time was a loose, flowing, and slippery thing, which couldn’t be caught and controlled, only worked with. Man-made clocks and calendars are vital, we live in a modern world with modern demands, but our timekeeping methods point in one direction – the future. Lunar calendars remind us of the cyclic nature of life. The moon illustrates and signals how far we’ve come and how far we still have to go before the next new beginning, when we shed our old skin and have the opportunity to start afresh.

2. The Moon brings perspective

Observing the Moon, and I mean really looking – sitting comfortably, or lying down on a patch of grass and letting her light fill your eyes, it’s easy to be reminded of how ancient and everlasting the celestial bodies are. When I do this, it always puts my life into perspective. The annoyances, the anxieties, and worries from my day fade away as I remember there are bigger things at play, and it’s always been okay to simply open up and exist in the here and now. There is a reason she is known as ‘Grandmother Moon’. Allow Her to be, and you’ll discover She is ever comforting, all-knowing, and always over-seeing our lives here on Earth. And Grandmothers were made to be loved! 🥰

3. Following the Moon will attune your body

When you shift your awareness to getting to know the Moon, you’re adding more than just that information and knowledge to the way you approach your day. More than simply a cognitive shift in your experience, your biological rhythms also shift to align more closely with the cosmic rhythms. Women who have previously had no real awareness of lunar cycles almost always notice a dramatic change. Once they begin to  look into the night sky on a regular basis, creating a genuine dialogue with the Moon, they often find that their menstrual cycle synchronizes (unless they are using hormonal methods of birth control). They may start to bleed close to the New Moon, or to the Full, but either way, the requirement of body and soul will often start to align with what the Lunar phases are offering. READ MORE: What’s Your Moon & Menstrual Cycle Connection? As la Luna also transits the zodiac signs on her monthly journey, she can also affect corresponding parts of the body. As she curves into Aries, some people experience headaches that seem entirely out of the blue. If you have chronic pain or discomfort somewhere in the body that flares up sometimes without warning, it may well be aligned with the current Moon sign. This awareness can really, really when it comes to planning your month ahead, and of course with healing any reoccurring issues.

4. La Luna can improve your relationships

So many times, I’ve heard friends talk about strangers passing judgment on them vocally in the street, or about getting into small, snappy arguments with people about seemingly ordinary things. Nine times out of ten, these incidences happen just before the New Moon. When Luna is waning, her light growing dimmer as each day passes, this is the time when our shadows rise. These are unconscious aspects of our personalities that can be angry, judgmental, anxious, and seem to seek destruction and sabbotage. In fact, they rise so we can see them clearly and help these parts of ourselves to heal. But unfortunately, instead of recognizing this, people often take out their frustrations on others, creating problems and igniting rows. By recognizing that we are affected by this lunar phase, it is easier to be forgiving, to let things go, and turn the focus inwards, instead of instinctively attacking. Or just altogether avoid situations where you’ll need to interact with a lot of different people. Conversely, as the Moon is waxing and close to reaching fullness, it is the best time to throw a party or get together with friends. Energetically, we are being supported by Luna’s full luminosity and at our most sociable, talkative, and energized. If you can, try to use the Lunar rhythms to plan your social calendar, and watch how the way you relate to people changes from the first half (waxing) to the second half (waning), even though interactions may appear to be the same.

5. Luna shows us how to release

The lunar month is really a microcosmic cycle of life and death. The New Moon is the seed that grows to fruition as the moon waxes and becomes full. Then as she wanes, disseminates, and begins to lose luminosity, a time of slowing down, reflection, acceptance and wisdom comes, before eventual ‘death’ and total release. The death that occurs here is symbolic. Each lunar month, we get the opportunity to release aspects of ourselves that no longer serve us to this death. And: tasks we’ve completed, junk that’s been stored, resentments held onto, or any things in our lives we no longer want or need. Luna reminds us that releasing is a natural and necessary part of life. Sometimes release is welcome, sometimes incredibly difficult and an ongoing challenge, but every four weeks we are given the energetic support to try to let go.

Do YOU Love the Moon as much as I do?

What’s YOUR number 1 reason? Let me know in the comments below! ↡

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