Time to wake UP! New Moon Total Solar Eclipse in Sagittarius (4th Dec 2021)

Solar Eclipse on dramatic dark sky

Sagittarius new Moon TOTAL solar eclipse is ON!

… Can you feel the cosmic archer pulling back her bow?

We know eclipses are wild: Their energy throws everyone into a spin.

Even if most people are blissfully unaware of when and where the spiralling planets above their heads align, those alignments DO mirror in all of our bodies.

Step back. For a second – remove yourself from the context of the world and look afresh. Feel afresh. Is any of this what you would have chosen for the closing seasons of 2021?

Yet it’s a choice we have ALL made….

Late this Friday in the US (23:42 PT) and early Saturday morning (07:42 UK time) la Luna will eclipse the Sun as she’s reborn in Sagittarius

Sagittarius is an energy I live and breathe and could never escape (even if I wanted.. which I really don’t!) I was born with my Sun here in this astrological sign of the archer.

Freedom fighter..

It’s also a sign that never rests: Sagittarius will not settle and perpetually searches for the next nugget of truth that sits beneath the last.

A New Moon in Sagittarius activates this freedom-seeking archetype in us all

And it’s time… the veils of deception have hung heavy these past years and the darkness is dimming even further for those who don’t realize it’s happening.

This Moon comes as a wake-up call

But this isn’t any ordinary new Moon!

As la Luna slides between Sun and earth exactly, a total solar eclipse will emerge.

The Dark Moon makes herself VISIBLE!

…The Goddess reigns!

Ordinarily, at this lunar phase She’s invisible – there, but bleached out by the light of the Sun in a daylit sky. Usually, at this gentle, fragile phase of new beginnings, our solar luminary overpowers her. But not this time. For the Goddess to rise visibly at this lunar phase is an awesome thing. (And even though from your part of the world this astrological conjunction maybe occurring below the horizon – it’s still a presence on Earth.)

It’s hugely symbolic: “As above, so below”, as the Hermetic prophesy goes… This eclipse brings powerful medicine in plain sight, so receive it! Imbibe it. Use it to fuel you and buoy you up at this time: The feminine IS getting stronger. SHE is here. With us.

This Sagittarius New Moon Solar Eclipse is a South Node happening…

Two weeks ago the (north node) lunar eclipse in Taurus called on us all to slow down. To let the ripples of change move through our lives, and anchor in unhindered. North node eclipses carry us forward, into a positive and evolved collective future.

The rules still apply (check out my tips for riding eclipse energy HERE). Because the HUGE remodelling of our world, that solar and lunar eclipses bring isn’t just a flash in the pan. Your work here is not over. But now we have another piece in the puzzle…

This Sagittarius new Moon solar eclipse hits on the south node and this reveals to us our collective (karmic) past. It’s what we’re letting go of, transmuting, learning from, so that we may integrate and release attachment, and move on.

To figure out what this means for us now, we need to look at the shadow aspects of Sagittarius.

  • Dogma
  • Judgement
  • Restriction
  • Superficiality
  • Drama
  • Bloodlust
  • Hierarchy
  • Separation of body and mind

This eclipse is already bringing out so much Sagittarian shadow (believe me, with a Sag Sun I see and feel this intimately!) It’s plain to see all over the world stage and it’s easy to think it’s something “out there”. But the features of the Sagittarius shadow are only “out there” because they are also inside us all too… making it our work to decondition ourselves.

In the dark soil of this Sagittarius New Moon solar eclipse, we have the opportunity to plant seeds for something profound

…To plant seeds for a world that’s built from all the highest principles humanity is capable of.

BUT we gotta clear the space first.

This solar eclipse is pivotal.

And as our last New Moon before the Solstice, this window of potential is strong. So gather up your resolve, your strength, and your threads of truth.

Sharpen your aim

What does the New Earth look like in your wildest, most adventurous, and idealistic imaginings? Stories aren’t just told after the event… what tale for the future will you spin into being, now?

Try this super-short exercise to gain some clarity, with the help of the archers bow:

  • Close your eyes and take a few and centering breaths, clearing your mind of thoughts and worries. Let the fear drop.
  • In the realms of your inner dreamscape, picture yourself a year from now, as the highest version of you.
  • Are you living in bliss in a beautiful home?
  • Are you traveling the world?
  • Are you with somebody you love?
  • What are your dominant emotions?
  • What does the air feel like around you?
  • How does the ground feel underneath your feet?
  • Now expand your vision to include the wider world (no, you don’t need to ‘fix’ anything!)
  • What’s the dominant feeling of the world around you? Do you feel peace? Freedom? Kindness? Possibility?
  • Try to conjure the feelings… if it helps to anchor in the frequency, then in your mind’s eye, see, touch, listen, smell, even taste this idealised world you are bringing into being.
  • Now set the intention to save this feeling, to store it in your unconscious. And open up your eyes.

The unconscious doesn’t know the difference between what it ‘sees’ in your imagination, and what it ‘sees’ in the world around you when you open your eyes… Yet it’s your own private powerhouse of constant creation! (you may think you’re “creating your reality” via your conscious thoughts and feelings. In fact, 98% of what really manifests comes directly from the hinterland of your unconscious mind!)

The Sagittarius new Moon solar eclipse is asking us all to bring up the distorted shadows of our unconscious and sow new seeds in the world

…Seeds of your own choosing.

Sagittarius doesn’t have the answers. The zodiac sign knows this well, it’s why it’s on a never ending search for the truth…

You need to call them up from within you.

This centaur’s Moon weaves its threads far, far back into the distant past when horses carried us between the worlds

This is very powerful astrology. It’s a rare total solar eclipse that is calling on us to remember and re-enter the imaginal realms. It’s telling us that THIS world of bricks and mortar and rules and regulations isn’t the only world. It’s not even the dominant world!

As a mutable force, this Sagittarius Moon is flexible and will help us to bend and shape humanity’s path around whatever terrain appears.  Your work is to hold the vision in your mind. To set clear, ambitious intentions, and TRUST that the road to get there will reveal itself when the timing is right.

Wishing you boldness and true Sagittarius power at this New Moon time… Now, will you leave me a comment telling me how ready you are to DROP the deception and create this world anew!?



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