Luna is a thin, waning crescent, moving through Libra today.

This phase is fragile, soft and often needs introspection and quiet solitude to be fully appreciated.

Libra likes the harmony which can only be found between two souls, so don’t be surprised today, if despite feeling a strong need to go within and focus on your inner realms, you don’t really want to be alone.

This is a generous, affectionate transit.

Libran energy needs to ensure that fairness and balance are the overriding forces, so do make sure that these sentiments extend all the way to YOU today.  Don’t be so keen to give others what they are asking for, that you forget to ask yourself what YOU need!

Under this Moon, we can sometimes need to please others and gain their approval to such a degree that we forget our own sense of self – the balance outside may look even, but inside we are tipping over completely!

So don’t loose touch today, with how you are feeling and what you need to happen, to make the day go as you need it to.

Perhaps you need to avoid any difficulties, any confrontation or strife, and simply keep smiling?  Or perhaps smiling through anything, to avoid a necessary conflict is truly the more damaging course of action, and simply delaying what is inevitable?

So if it comes up for you today, use this Libran Moon to go a little deeper, into the darker places of your psyche, to examine the relationship you have with conflict.  But be careful about what you express during this dark lunar phase – when shadows are rising, we can either let them free, allowing them to manifest, to be dealt with in 3D; or examine them in the astrals first, and analyse, understand and accept first, before we release into our world.


Lunar blessings to you.