Luna is New in Virgo today, and will partially eclipse the Sun, also in this practical, refined, deeply unifying sign, at 10:03 BST.

New Moons always offer up energetic re-sets, bringing an often welcome shift in direction – from the waning, to the waxing, from dissolving to initiating, offering new hope and opportunity.

Eclipses amplify these energies, enhancing and exaggerating our experiences, often in ways which are hugely unexpected and may feel at first unwelcome.

So it is incredibly important to flow into times like these – to release as much control as is possible, and trust in what is unfolding.  We know, deeply, the divinity and perfection of this life, so allowing it to flow through us is the greatest gift we can give.

BUT, this is never easy under a Virgo Moon, and eclipse AND New Moon energy can make us want to hold even more fervently on to our personal control mechanisms, especially in the face of uncertainty.  When life appears to be re-arranging itself around us, it is difficult not to cling to any kind of order we can find.  Virgo needs things to be organized, structured, routined.

The challenge of this New Moon, is to create these states (or at least the feelings that they provide) in the face of such transitioning times.  When there is so much flux, and such strong planetary influences also affecting our collective and personal spheres, this Virgo New Moon will need to be played carefully, if we are to use it to our best advantage.

So make this Moon about self control.

Not holding sway over our external realities, affecting change to bend and shift the things out there, making them more agreeable to us.

They won’t hold their new shapes.

Instead, create self-control.

Create physical vitality and health.

Create mental discipline.

Create emotional resilience and strength.

Discover that ordered-Virgo state within, through simple routine, clean living and truthful exchanges.

I am always wary of setting intentions during a solar eclipse.

Not only because of the unpredictability of the energy, but because limitations can unwittingly be set, during times of such potential.

Eclipses can bring leaps in consciousness and lifestyle, but will only manifest if allowed to.  So commit to your personal growth and expansion today, by creating, in yourself and your own divine vessel, the best possible terrain for it to take root.


New Moon blessings!