Why is Today’s Scorpio Moon the BEST Day to Let Go?

Witchy woman performing a candle ritual during a scorpio Moon

One day after the full Moon in Scorpio, we are VERY much still inside the full Moon portal, though on the waning ebb.

This means la Luna’s energy is just easing away from the strongest point in the whole cycle, making this one of the best days to perform a ritual or lunar magic intended to let go and release.

Add Scorpio into the mix, and we are gifted with a deeply devotional lunar weather. Whilst this zodiac sign can often lead to obsessive or very fixed feelings, it also lends itself to focused, sacred practices.

How does that feel for today?

First, I invite you to ponder what needs to be released.

  • Have any habits or patterns been illuminated by this full Moon – perhaps lit up for the last time?
  • Have you been putting up with something broken, not fit for purpose anymore?
  • Maybe a mindset shift is required – an old way of thinking that’s keeping you small needs to go?

Write it down. Putting these thoughts, ideas, inklings and sparks of awareness onto paper is a first way to externalise them – and begin the process of release.

Why use rituals for letting go?

Rituals are a really potent way to assist the natural process of shedding old skins because they tap into the unconscious realms, the place so many of these dense and rigid OLD parts of ourselves reside.

Rituals can change the inner landscape and help the outer world change with much less effort.

Rituals can awaken us to alternative possibilities that don’t exist when we’re seeing the world as black and white and logic.

Rituals anchor in intention so that life reverse-engineers what we want for us, and not the other way around.

Scorpio energy is a potent ally for ritual

Scorpio Lives and breathes transformation. It’s the only sign with three totems – not just one.

Scorpion, eagle and phoenix.

So this sign knows a LOT about shapeshifting through space and time to become something new, and dissolving old masks to rise up again renewed.

Today is a rare day. A powerful meeting point of lunar phase and sign, combining to create something so much more than the sum of its parts. Will you weave its threads through a ritual of your own? 

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