Ready to dive in…?  The New Moon in Pisces will rise on March 2nd, 2022

This lunar cycle calls in the end of a very long chapter.

Pisces, the final sign in the mandala of our sky zodiac. It’s a mysterious and otherworldly place, that defies the laws of logic and bends the rules of time… This place is an ocean of senses and feeling, of tears and ecstasy.

Pisces is VAST.

It needs to be, as it contains the sum of all that’s come before. In this case, each sign, each cycle, each Moon of the last 13 moons (including herself, right now in this moment). Pisces New Moons close the circle, bringing us back to the start. Where, of course, nothing is the same as it was before.

Formerly ruled by Jupiter – the solar system’s giant, Pisces is now connected with Neptune. This is a planet invisible to the naked eye and discovered on a mathematical supposition. Its presence only proven by the effect it had on surrounding space…Little wonder that Pisces characterises those parts of life and existence that we cannot touch:







**But hold on a sweet second… All these things: the dreaminess, the connectivity, the receptivity, and the emotional realms of Pisces’ domain are decidedly, anciently feminine in nature, aren’t they? Yet both Neptune and Jupiter are powerful, Roman Gods. Whilst fish (and the Sea) have always been sacred to the Goddess, specifically the lunar Goddesses of older, pre-roman, pre-patriarchal times. Could it be any other way?! We know the tug on the tides that La Luna holds…
I don’t pick out these details to be contrary (or anti-masculine!) but I really want to nod my head – and allow you to nod yours, if you wish – at an older mythos, from the one you may have been swimming in til now…

Pisces’ glyph resembles two Moons

The waxing and the waning crescents.

The beginning and the end.

The flow and the ebb.

Pisces energy isn’t one or the other. She is the ALL. Like the oceans of the Earth – which feel so far away when you’re living on her surface, yet really, the sea is holding us.

This is the hugeness of the unifying energy holding this New Moon.

The new start, the seed, and the intention your set at this time, will all be set in this. This all. This everything. This field of vast potential.

This New Moon isn’t supposed to feel fresh and zingy. You’re unlikely to want to hit the ground running, for speed and focus aren’t how we’re going to best harness Her, here.

Instead, the invitation is to drop into the dream state.

…To let thoughts, ideas, and lines of trajectory all bend and curve, til they make new patterns and form new alliances. Time isn’t linear under Pisces, so your sense of order and progress may fall away. Try not to hold on too tight.

More than anything, this Moon requires your surrender.

Neptune is a generational planet, meaning it spends years in a single sign. So its presence in Pisces is nothing new -we’ve been used to how its soft movement through the Piscean sea feels this for years now.

But undoubtedly,y Pisces season still creates an activation, though subtle. Meaning that if you slow down and sink in, you’ll know the feminine is close.

Very close.

And she’s listening. If you speed up and power ahead regardless, you may trip over your own toes or find yourself running in circles.

It’s your choice.

Yet Pisces’ aim is to destroy the ego. So the need for affirmation, for achievement and results… that’s not how “success” will be measured under this Moon. You can place those metrics down for now, and instead, focus on how you feel.

Under Pisces, feelings reign supreme!

Wondering what this looks like, in practical terms?

6 ways to dive into the great, cosmic sea of the Pisces New Moon:

  • Try to receive the change happening around you with curiosity, rather than resisting
  • Trust any and ALL guidance that comes from within. if you’re feeling inspired to work, then work. If you are inspired to play, then play. If all you want to do is rest, then rest.
  • Trust the cosmic guidance that comes from outside of you – try to release any “shoulds”, instead allowing things to unfold around you. Follow whichever path opens up to you, right now, provided it calls to you (a little trepidation is always a good sign!)
  • Don’t expect to have all the answers. Uncertainty isn’t a bad thing, so if you feel directionless then let this be your reality. This is the nature of Pisces – remember, we’re moving through a huge transition right now.
  • Get close to Mother Earth. Connect with her to allow your own body’s rhythms to harmonize, so you can tune in to any subtle changes being presented to you.
  • Try unplugging from technology. Yes, it’s hard right now when your devices may be your only direct line to the outside world.. but is that really true? There’s a whole *actualy* world out there…!

Sending you wisdom, flow, and grace this lunar cycle, to receive all that you are offered with ease.

Kat X

Want to drink in more from this New Moon? Join me live 👇🏼

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