6 Vital Ways to Cleanse, Clarify and Purify (Virgo New Moon 6/7 Sept 2021)

On ya marks…! The New Moon in Virgo will rise on September 6th/7th, 2021

This is a Moon to catalyze action. And as much as you try to sit still and gather your thoughts under the Virgo New Moon, the likelihood is you’ll NEED to get moving! My advice is to MOVE with her. Harness her energy and pour yourself into the tasks at hand…

Virgo is a mutable sign, and like Gemini, Sagittarius and Pisces, it has a Spirit that thrives in transitional times: Times of change, flux, and uncertainty. It’s this Spirit that will flavour the next lunar cycle we’ll all live through – strengthening our resilience, our trust, and our ability to find a pathway through the chaos.

As the only mutable earth sign, Virgo brings the focus to the body

YES, your body IS a temple, your body is your home, but it is also the finest personal navigation tool you will ever know.

How does it feel knowing that?

It’s one thing to think about it intellectually, to let the mind grasp hold of it as an idea, and understand that it’s possible. But bringing it down, down into the body as a felt knowing is something very different.

This week’s Virgo New Moon (and her 28/9 day cycle) is inviting us all to take this knowing deeper, into our bodies (into our own mini Earths) and sharpen that tool.

Learn its language.

Test its accuracy.

This New Moon is coming at just the right time, with just the right medicine, because it’s never been more important for any of us to ensure the safety of our bodies.

In the (constructed) world out there, so much effort and so many resources are going into separating us from the wisdom of our bodies. Severing us from our natural ability to listen to – and trust – the clues our bodies give us. And ridiculing the possibility that it’s our bodies and not our minds that actually know what we need to thrive.

CHOICE is embodied. Only basing a choice on thought and opinion is half the story (and one the Mercury-ruled Virgo tussles with!) So it’s imperative to listen and lead with your body. Ask this Virgo Moon to help you listen clearly, and She WILL guide you closer to yourself.

Here are 5 more ways to weave this New Moon’s potent lunar energy through your life this month:


Sow a seed of intent

New Moons are always great times to set a conscious intention for the cycle and beyond.

Virgo is an ancient archetype connected to the Grain Goddesses of the ancient world and holds the regenerative power of the seed.

Set your own intention within three days of the New Moon to catch her emergence and ride la Luna’s waxing momentum. Read about how to hold a simple New Moon ritual HERE (plus how to supercharge your intention).

Cleanse, clarify and purify

One strand of Virgo’s archetypal thread is that of the virgin.

YET some of the most ancient symbolic attributes of Virgo aren’t actually that of a virginal, chaste female, in the Christian sense of the word. This is a distortion. The purity carried in this sign has much more to do with lack of separation, and the need to know life without polarity,

Virgo’s truth is closer to unity.

Its energy is clarifying.

And Virgo Moons seek a sense of completion by clearing out anything that doesn’t belong, by finding order and alignment.

Whilst Libra seeks harmony and balance on energetic planes (and spends a lot of time thinking about it) Virgo isn’t afraid to get soil under its nails.

This is where the movement comes in!

Go with it.
Move stuff around.
Tidy up.
Clarify the space you inhabit.

Be reborn

Again, every New Moon invites rebirth. BUT with the weight of the element of earth behind her and acting through her, this is SUCH an enormous opportunity to really embody something new.

Being reborn at the New Moon doesn’t need to mean literally every part of you is emerging fresh, like the serpent who sheds her skin. One piece is enough.

A new habit
A new mindset
A new focus
A new project
A new bedtime
A new effort

Commit to a new health habit

….Which dovetails so beautifully with Virgo’s specialty: Health.

This New Moon is a launchpad for your new health kick! There, I said it… it’s on the table if you want to take it:

Virgo New Moons are literally in the TOP 5 annual moments for kick starting whatever health habit or routine you’ve been umming and ahhing about.

Set your intention.
Plan your framework.

Flip your mental scripts

It’s not only the body that is especially open to detox during the New Moon in Virgo. Has this last year and a half got your mind spinning with information, opinions and half-truths?

Most folks are subjected to SO much conflicting energy pretty much all of the time! So it’s imperative to clean your own energy field daily. Multiple times. But a lot can still get stuck. And a lot of the time, this stuck energy can take the form of scripts running through your mind unconsciously.

Critical thoughts
Conflicting opinions
General monkey mind chatter?

This Moon may not be the best time to shut those voices out completely. Ruled by Mercury, this Moon is a rippling pool of thoughts, so silencing them is unlikely to work! So instead, flip the scripts. Create affirmations to smooth and direct your mental energy (so it’s not misdirecting you).

Here are some of mine:

✶ I am heart, womb, and Spirit-driven.
✶ My life is unfolding perfectly around me in every moment
✶ I am SO grateful for living a beautiful, prosperous, freedom-filled life!

✶ Every day I wake up feeling bright, energized, and overflowing with creativity. I am blessed. I live a blessed and enchanted life.
✶ My life is full of infinite beauty, wealth and goodness. This ripples outwards touching everyone I meet.

Affirmations can feel a little like brainwashing at first!

Especially if you repeat them often (which is kinda the point). BUT isn’t so much of our modern world aimed at brainwashing us? At making us believe in information that’s external to us?

Affirmations are one way to begin to edge out the untruths, to dislodge some of the beliefs you may hold that aren’t aligned with your highest good.

The Virgo New Moon’s purifying energy can supercharge this deep cleanse for you. Invite her in.

New Moon blessings


What’s this Virgo New Moon bringing up in your world?

Share something with me in the comments X

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