As Sun and Moon meet in the comforting, maternal waters of Cancer, we enter a new cycle that calls for a return home.

The Moon belongs here. 

She’s safe. And so are you.

During a New Moon, when Sun and Moon are conjunct, both our shining, conscious, self-realized selves (our solar expression) and our inner, more hidden and mysterious, reflective, selves (our lunar expression) are both being activated. 

At these New Moon phases, it’s as though can be wholly synchronized in our tasks: the head and the heart are both on an equal footing.

In this transit through Cancer, though, the heart wins out. Because Cancer is where the Moon belongs – her home sign, the sign of her gentle rulership. So the qualities in us that the Moon most draws out and amplifies, that she echoes and enhances and urges us to make manifest in our daily lives, are also exaggerated.

What are YOUR Lunar Qualities?

These are things like sensitivity, emotional awareness and capacity to emote; your desire to cradle and comfort people you see in pain, and to express loving, motherly tenderness to those in need; your craving for a home that’s comfortable, safe and secure, and your desire to provide this for others too.

These are raw and primal human expressions.

This New Moon is calling for us to reclaim these emotions, to call them back to us and reinstate our place at their centre. 

It is time to fix the leaks – to plug up and bind any cracks and chinks in our emotional bodies, to halt the escape of precious emotional energies which have been seeping away (or extracted by deception) over the past few weeks.

Don’t give away this power any longer.

This is an empathic Moon.

The feelings of others can become mixed up and melted together with ours (though the insights gained here can make us the most attentive friends ever!)  But don’t shy away, don’t think you need to over-protect yourself.  Don’t deny or avoid emotions that are hard to feel either. Summon the inner courage and resolution to become a rock, sturdy and stable, in these fluid Cancerian waters.

We have a valuable opportunity to get to know ourselves, to sit with ourselves and our sensitivities, and re-claim them as our strength.

This Cancer New Moon also brings an opportune moment to nest – to create a sanctuary, a refuge, a place of warm and womb-like safety (in both tangible terms, and in the unseen realms of experience) where you can process the transitions and transformations of this year so far.

Set intentions for this place, and for its function for you as you are carried through this cycle.

Stand still if you need to, for as long as you need to.

Let Cancer’s waters wash over you this New Moon, let the worries of the world flow through and around you, without becoming you.

To be emotionally strong does not mean hard, fierce or defensive.

This Moon reminds us that knowing and expressing our true compassion and overriding love for our fellow humans is real strength.

New Moon blessings