Our Moon is waxing through Leo for the first half of the day, so be sure to make the most of this strong, assertive energy whilst we have it to call upon.

But, be aware that from 08:13 – 14:45 BST she moves Void-of-Course (when she will not be making any significant planetary aspects) so avoid starting anything new during these times, especially if you want it to have a long term impact.  Instead, try to keep up momentum with things you have already begun, channelling Leo’s fire into projects which have grown roots of their own.

This afternoon, Luna enters cleansing, clearing Virgo.

So if you start feeling the urge to tidy and organize before the weekend hits, then see this as an expression of how aligned you are to her movements!

The cleansing vibration brought by this Moon extends to our bodies, and this transit will often aggravate or heighten any intolerances we have to food or drink.

So if you are relaxing in the Sun this evening with a drink or two, ensue you stay hydrated enough to help keep your bodies natural processes of elimination and purification flowing smoothly and effectively.