Luna moved into Capricorn yesterday afternoon, just minutes after peaking in her Fullness.

She still moves through this buoyant, celebratory phase, but in this sign (opposing her ruler Cancer) she is said to be in her detriment.  This means that today, Luna’s fullness may feel like pressure to you, bringing manic, over-bearing, even worry-some feelings.  This sign loves containment, structure and a view of the long game, whereas Luna likes to flow …

So try to relax today.

Don’t give into the pressure you may be putting upon yourself – ask yourself how much of what you are trying to achieve really, truly matters.  And how much can unfurl organically when the time comes?

Ground into the Earth – soothe Capricorn’s weary bones by stretching out your body, exercising your joints and activating your muscles.  Running chi through your physicality will go a long way to easing any potential mental or emotional tension brought up by this Moon.

Sending you flow today,