Eclipses come in pairs, and the lunar eclipse of two weeks ago finds its partner tomorrow, when those in the southern hemisphere will be treated to the view of a partial solar eclipse, at 21:57 GMT (22:57 BST). By definition, solar eclipses happen only on a New Moon as Earth, Moon and Sun are aligned with the Moon passing directly between the larger two bodies. (In astrological terms, the Sun and Moon are ‘conjunct’).

Eclipse from Fourteen Weeks in Descriptive Astronomy (1873) by J Dorman Steele

Eclipse from Fourteen Weeks in Descriptive Astronomy (1873) by J Dorman Steele


If the lunar eclipse of October 8th was our catalyst to recognising and releasing from our lives those things we no longer need, then this solar eclipse (and New Moon) turns that into our springboard, to start designing the changes that we have made space for.


New Moon energy is the energy of inception, of new ideas, of our renewal. Think of a seed, which has been sown and now lays underground in the dark, full of potential, but yet to sprout. This pregnant darkness comes around each New Moon, and is reflected in each of us, if we wish to allow it, in the opportunity to look into our own internal world, tap into our needs and desires and sow our own seeds of intention.

Tomorrow, this time of lunar darkness is coupled with solar darkness. It will be doubly intense, and doubly powerful.


Just before the eclipse tomorrow night, Luna will begin her transit through Scorpio, the sign of transformation. This is where I think it gets interesting. Transformation, change and advancement, require some kind of opposition, to exist – we need to know what we don’t want, in order to progress in the direction of, or be able to change into what we do want (even if we don’t know the specifics of what that is yet).


The Seven Chakras

The Seven Chakras


Some of you will be familiar with the chakra system: the seven centers of vital energy running up the center of the body. The root, or base chakra is the foundation of identity and belonging, of emotional and mental health and stability, it grounds us into the earth. The second, or sacral chakra is where the focus of energy ‘splits’ and concerns to do with those things which are other than us, are born. Relationships and intimacy with other people are one thing, but also subjects like money, structures of authority or dogma, our shared resources and the extent to which we, as an individual, can exert control over our external environment: Our personal growth and development in these areas are centered in the energies of the sacral chakra.

Solar eclipses are always powerful inducers of personal growth, and for the past few weeks many of us have been inwardly focused, as shadows have been rising, and we have been busy processing big shifts in our lives. The transformational energy that both the Sun and Moon brings to this eclipse, from Scorpio, will activate, on an energetic level, these same concerns that are centred in our sacral chakras. After this introspective and personal time of emotional clearing, it’s time to look beyond ourselves and start to see how the seeds we sow right now, at this juncture in time, can connect us with each other, and our world. Just how much of that sacral energy will we need to engage, and how?

Now, there are a hundreds, probably thousands of astrology sites and YouTube channels, describing in great depth the incredible and transformational aspects that this eclipse is bringing in. But what I want to write about is what we, ourselves can do here on the ground to make the most of it. There are two main strings to this bow, the first to do with our relationships with others, and the second to do with creativity.

To start with, in order to enable, and really embody the changes this Now Moon/ Solar Eclipse are bringing, we need to start to interact consciously with each other. I mean by being present, intentional and generous in all of our interactions, from the man at the paper shop, to our own children.

All of the people that we attract into our reality, we do so because they have something to teach us about ourselves, and us about them. I consider that all of our movements and connections are a beautifully and purposefully orchestrated synergy: there are no accidentals. If we can open up to this, by being bright, fully present and conscious, to receive and be guided by the synchronicities available, then the personal lessons and developments this eclipse is ushering in, will manifest for us.

The other method I have, to harness this New Moon/Solar Eclipse energy is about bringing in creativity. In her wonderful book ‘Anatomy of the Spirit’, Caroline Myss writes:

“Creative energy breaks us out of habitual patterns of behavior, thoughts and relationships. Habit is a hell to which people cling in an attempt to stop the flow of change. But creative energy defies the repetition of habit.”

As I see it, there isn’t a whole lot wrong with much of our habitual behavior – in this life, we need to do some of the same things every day to survive. But it is the unconsciousness of behavior and routine, which can end up being the block to transformational opportunities.

Caroline Myss goes o

n to say:

“A creative idea has its own energy field and can generate the synchronistic involvement of people and circumstances required to carry the idea through to the next stage of life”.

It’s not to say you need to have an idea or a plan, simply by doing things in a way you don’t normally do them: cooking differently, spending the evening drawing instead of watching the TV or computer, going somewhere completely new at the weekend, dancing, whatever it is that shifts normality, it is that, that opens the door to transformation. The important part is the actual doing – creative energy needs to be made physical in order to be satisfied, as it comes from the lower, sacral chakra, so just thinking creatively is not enough. (In fact, an idea, and the desire to manifest it, if not followed through may well block that energetic flow and end up appearing in the form of a physical illness.  Sore lower back, anyone?)

I am not suggesting you make big, life altering shifts, as these are impossible, very complicated and unwarranted for most people. It’s the shifts in consciousness that really affect the change, for without these, we will just carry on creating the same realities over and over.

I hope that these two tools will be useful, and I hope the New Moon/Solar Eclipse is kind to you all.








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