This Saturday’s Full Moon is being described as ‘Super’ as Luna is currently sailing so close to Earth that she appears enormous!

As well as the visual impact, the energy she imparts is also being amplified by this proximity, so it’s likely you have been feeling this Full Moon’s build up for some time.

Full Moons bring with them illumination and clarity: they are strong, stunning spotlights being shone on those issues we may have been grappling with, or on aspects of ourselves and our situations, previously hidden amongst the many layers of our lives.

Where these insight come can often depend on the sign the Full Moon occurs within, and this climactic opposition will come to us from the dreamy, watery home of Pisces.

Pisces is the sign of the mystic. The energy that it brings is focused on the subtle realms of existence, not only on our emotional bodies but deeper, on even more intangible, etheric and spiritual levels.  So whilst Full Moons are often times of increased and fervent activity, of socializing and chatter, don’t be surprised if this Moon leaves you seeking respite and silence, and even sleep.

So this weekend, instead of reaching for another coffee, tea or a bite more chocolate in attempts to rise from the Piscean mist, allow yourself a window of time to sink into this blissful slumber, to see what gems of insight you uncover.

Allow yourself to daydream and ponder – these netherworlds of the imagination are fascinating treasure troves to tap into when we get the time and slower pace to do so, and are piled high with the potential for re-directing our lives.

So whilst many Full Moon illuminations and realizations can come with a bold and wild force, don’t expect that this time. They may instead seep in gently and symbolically, through imagery and code that will take a different, more sensitive level of perspective to decipher.

Allow time.

Remember also to tread carefully around others this weekend.  Compassion is key.  We are all experiencing subtle, emotional shifts, and when these are occurring, but our 3D lives may not have quite yet caught up, then feelings of disjointedness and aggravation can very easily manifest.  I have been feeling this for days now!

With the Sun’s energy coming to us from Pisces’ opposing sign: the clearing, cleansing and earthly Virgo, we are all being pushed, on more grounded levels of our beings, to bring order and control.  It can feel like people and things are in our way, like we need to clear the decks and discover clarity.  So be extra careful not to behave too harshly with those you love.  The sensitivity is universal, so sf you need to retreat, then do so with kindness.

A great lesson coming with this particular Moon is that of transcending the ordinary without dismissing it’s place in our lives.

To allow the beautiful and chaotic cacophony of life to flow and stream around you, without letting it get underneath your skin!  There is serenity.




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