Just four days after the equinox, we are experiencing yet another huge astrologically significant event, as the biggest (closest to Earth) Moon of 2015 is eclipsed by our collective shadow.  This eclipse occurs when Luna is in Aries – it’s happening on this same Aries/Libra axis as each of the three preceding lunar eclipses, or ‘Blood moons’ – and is the final one of this series.  Each of this group of lunar eclipses – the first in 2013 – have all held this particular astrological resonance, (the next set will shift into the Virgo/Pisces axis), so it marks a kind of culmination, an ending.

Aries is the first zodiacal sign – bringing with it the energy of fresh enthusiasm, of impulse and confidence, assertion and the desire, and real need to be pioneering.

So here we have a combination of forces that are creating a separation: a friction, as these hot, fiery, lunar-Aries urges may not want to fit willingly into the closing ceremony that this eclipse brings.  And as Luna governs our emotions, expect yourself to feel this disonance.

Try not to be taken by surprise over the next few days, if this manifests outwardly and you get upset, feel conflicted or angry and find yourself becoming an expression of the paradox, and even transferring it onto those around you.

Luna’s stunningly huge and fully illuminated face will quite literally receive our collective shadow very early on Monday Morning, and as the emerald tablets tell us:  ‘As above, so below’, so expect your shadow to be revealed too.

But this doesn’t need to be something you fear, or want to prevent from happening!

We know that Full Moons are here to bring us clarity, and to shine a spotlight just where we need one the most. So when this light falls on our darkest places (as it may do this Monday), receive this light as a gift.  Whatever raw, or unwanted emotions that rise, know that they are rising because it is time for you to know them, claim them, and then set them free.

That is your invitation.  And that is what will bring about the real closure of this set of eclipses for each of us, allowing us to move forward into the next phases of our evolution.

The flip side of the bold Aries energy that this Super Moon holds, is a rise in the incredible ability that we each do have, for assertive decision-making, conviction and self-belief.  When this Moon’s brilliance reveals to you the truth of your whole self, (and Earth’s shadow coaxes out yours) the added empowerment that this sign’s qualities bring to the table, will create an incredibly enthusiastic base for our processes of learning about ourselves.

But don’t try to make this an instantaneous thing.

In the Northern Hemisphere we have just passed through the Autumn equinox, leading us into our annual phase of retreat and shadow.  Here we are encouraged to take the time and space to examine, integrate and heal ourselves, ready for our re-birth next spring (as the rest of nature shows us, by example).

So be extra observant during this lunar eclipse.  If you need to, read between the lines to see what is trying to be released – what part of your psyche do you no longer need in your life? What do you no longer need to keep expressing to the world?

We have a preciously long winter season ahead of us, to dig into these shadows, so that we may emerge next year renewed, and unified.

So run with these transformational times!

Let yourself change, and be changed.

The cosmos is aligned to make it so.





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