Luna is waning through Virgo today, the sacred sign of purity and oneness.

And this sign seeks its oneness by weeding out and/or fixing all that does not function, fit or serve any longer.

As a mutable sign, it holds a changing, flexible, adaptable approach, and this is beacuse each of the four mutable signs (Gemini Virgo, Sagittarius and Pisces) are the gatekeepers, standing at the thresholds of the seasons, bending and morphing themselves and what they carry and represent as needed, as transition takes place.

So with both solar and lunar energy holding this mutable quality today, you may feel it as a day of changes, changeability and transformation.  In subtle (or not so subtle) ways, can you sense what needs to be cleared out and re-shaped, for you to be able to move forward, into another season of your own?

Virgo Moons are also incredibly practical days.

So much of our tangible, 3D worlds can be processed and sorted through during these transits, so this is a great day to harness this lunar energy if you wish to bring plans to completion, organize things and spaces, and restock, take stock or release.

I am sure many of you are busy as we are moving through yuletide, with Christmas close now, and the winter solstice even closer!

Virgo Moons also remind us to honour the sacred.  And not as a faraway concept, something to connect with later when all the work is done, but THROUGH the work.

So don’t forget today (and each day!) that your actions are sacred, the energy and intent they carry is sacred and the resonance they leave behind is sacred.

I hope that you will feel the power in all that you do today!