Gemini New Moon Solar Eclipse (June 10, 2021) 3 Ways to FLEX

On Thursday June 10th, la Luna rises New at 19º of Gemini, sign of the twins

This Moon bookends the dark, fluid pool we collectively dove into two weeks ago, with the lunar eclipse in Sagittarius on May 26th. The effects of eclipses can reverberate into the future for six long months, so her arrival here at the second of two doesn’t mean we’re home and dry… Not at all. In many ways, we’re only just beginning… (and this is a good thing!)

Gemini is ruled by Mercury

Mercury is the fast moving planet identified with Hermes, Olympian God of many of the civilised arts –weights and measures, letters and writing, astronomy and astrology. And also many more that were once a LOT more mainstream and accepted than they are now, like divination, magic, and alchemy.

Hermes had many tools, one of which you probably know – the caduceus – a wooden staff with two identical (twin) serpents entwined up its length. So much more than the modern medical symbol, Hermes’ caduceus had the power to both send people to sleep, and rouse them from their slumber.

Hold that thought, as this dark, dark Moon is reborn…

This New Moon is also a solar eclipse

At 11:52 am in the UK (03:52 PT) on June 10, la Luna will pass in front of the Sun, casting a shadow across the surface of the Earth. (Best visibility will be North East America and Siberia… not the UK, sorry!)

Eclipses offer HUGE opportunities for reset…

Course correction.


But we can’t always see these changes coming – eclipses aren’t called wild cards for nothing. That said, there are clues: clues about the direction we’re all travelling towards…

This Gemini New Moon and solar eclipse occur at the North Node…

This is shifting point on the ecliptic that travels backwards through the signs. The North Node points to the future. To destiny, highest potential and collective promise. This makes the New Moon an arrow, directing us to that place. With Sagittarius and his bow sitting on the other end of the axis, Gemini is the wind, the air, the field of possibility. If you’re brave enough to believe in the highest good, in the highest outcome for humanity, this New Moon at the North Node promises that it IS possible.

This is an uplifting moment

It’s bright, energizing and momentous astrology, stirring us from the status quo. Reminding us of our power.

Hermes was the only God with the power to move between the worlds: To drop into the underworld and return unscathed, with no burden to bear. A psychopomp, this deity (like all of the Olympians) really has deeper roots, roots that connect him to older, matriarchal civilisations and mythologies. Those serpents wrapped around his staff will draw a thread of your awareness (if you let them) to older, Earth-based and Earth-centered ways of being. Those serpents. Wrapped around his staff that has the power to both send people to sleep, and rouse them from their slumber…

And that’s what this Gemini New Moon & solar eclipse offers too:

A caduceus.

An almost forgotten awareness of two snakes, lying coiled together, deep down in a long forgotten place…

A choice.

Will you go back to sleep?

Or will hear the call of the Earth Serpents, and wake up from your slumber?

The Gemini New Moon also carries the energy of duality

She reminds us that duality is a natural expression – YES, unity maybe a goal, but duality is our reality on this planet right now, and to feel that internally is normal.

If you’re feeling the tug between opposites, it’s actually okay.

Yet at some point, choices and decisions DO need to be made.

Gemini is a flexible, extensive, multi-faceted zodiac sign. As an archetype, this energy hops and skips and changes both shape and mind more than any other. This Gemini New Moon encourages this kind of pliability AND reminds us of its downfalls – too much time adapting to the needs and opinions and preferences of other people may push you into the danger zone of *not* doing what’s right for you.

BUT waking up and still bending to the will of others could be worse than staying asleep

…So try hard under this Moon to stay true you YOUR internal guidance system.

This may mean dropping into your underworld, facing up to all of that internal energy that wants you to stray from your truth (remember all those BIG asks from the Sagittarius Full Moon lunar eclipse – truth seeker extraordinaire?! But here you can relax… with la Luna moving through Gemini, this work is guided by Hermes no less – the only deity who can do this without paying a price.

Solar eclipses ask us to peel back the layers

This is different from the kind of releasing and letting go that the waning Moon invites. This is more about seeking (and finding) your inner resolve. The truth that you know will hold true for you, regardless of all the changes, demands and conditions coming at you from “out there”.

It also doesn’t mean hardening. There’s a softness, a receptiveness and responsiveness to this time that the Gemini Moon is calling forth in all of us. All of the mutable signs are characterised by their ability to adapt and flex… they hold the energy of transition. And this is exactly what’s going on here, as we move from one paradigm to something quite different.

It is likely that the parts of your own life being activated by this New Moon will feel like they’re in flux, possibly chaotic, challenging, and maybe even out of your control completely.

It is ok … transformation is rarely comfortable

So under this New Moon, allow your intentions, your desires and goals for the month (and beyond) to be as flexible as they need to be. If parts of your life are being reconstructed, let nature to lead the way…

1. Adapt to the guidance of Spirit

Nature will show you the way you need to go, through what feels right, and what doesn’t. It sounds simple. But feeling the truth of this is a practice – learning to listen to your heart, and the voices of Spirit (and not the voice of your conditioning!) can be the hard part.

Slow down.

Drop in.

Trust what you find in the quiet.

2. Dictate the pace of your growth

A solid spiritual practice will help and also enhance how you’re able to access this Spirit connection; and help you stay grounded enough for this new paradigm to manifest around you with the least resistance. (But if life DOES feel like it’s too hard to navigate, ASK that the Spirits help it ease off a little! You can dictate the pace of your growth).

3. Set intentions based on “hows”

Set intentions based on your ideas, your attitudes and your approaches. Intentions CAN hold flexibility.. think more about the “hows” rather than the “what’s”.

Also, remember the vitality of your words this month: how you describe, frame, portray, express your life.

Affirm your existence. This is a long game… and you are in the perfect spot.

New Moon blessings.

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