Time to believe in something different.

The Full Moon (and total lunar eclipse) will rise on May 26th, 2021

Sagittarius is an energy I know well.

With a Sag Sun, a five-year-old with a Sag Sun, and a 10-year-old with a Sagittarius Moon, this energy flows right through my life, seeping up from blood and bone, rising in emotional ripples, and tipping into daily childcare.

The archer speaks my language.

Artemis runs through the forest with me at night. She fuels my dreams and she shows me the future.

She’ll show you yours too, if you bang her drum and call her in.

The shaman’s drum is often referred to as the horse. Yet this is more than just a vehicle to carry a person from one world to another. This sacred beast is a living totema symbol of strength, freedom, and truth. These are the clarion calls of this sign, this Moon, this eclipse. And the clarion calls of these times.

This Wednesday, the Full Moon rises in the sign of Sagittarius, the centaur. Half man, half horse, this is a sign of opposites – the bridge between two states, two places, two species.

Animal and human

Wild and domestic

Embodied and dreaming

Here and there

Presence and future

Truth and…. Everything else.

If Full Moons are truth bringers, lunar eclipses are the re-set button to make it unavoidable

There’s nowhere to hide when la Luna shines out fully, beaming at the pinnacle of the lunar cycle.

Yet what this means is that the pockets of darkness, the dusty corners, and shadowy places are getting more illumination than they have in a loooong time.
We usually have a bit of an idea of what those shadowy places hold. The beliefs, patterns, habits, and assumptions show up unconsciously yet most folks are beginning to notice the signs.

✶ The intuitive nudge that something’s not right.

✶ The discord between mind and heart, between logic and truth.

✶ That the words you speak (and the actions you take) aren’t exactly aligning with the reality you believe in and want to create.

This week, the eclipse portal opens. There is a two-week window between eclipses (eclipses always come in pairs – the second will be a solar eclipse occurring on June 10th in Gemini) and this portal opens up a time of reckoning.

Remember the gentle excavation that the Taurus New Moon asked of you when this cycle began? To dig into your core truths, values, and motivations?

Well, any places where your integrity shows signs of weakness will show up under this lunar eclipse. Full in Sagittarius, la Luna won’t let you get away with anything less than your truth. In action.

Liberties have been shrunk to virtually nothing over the past 12 months across much of the globe. And now, as it appears that many of us are reclaiming them, a posse of freedom-seeking, mutable energy is making its way across the skies:

Moon in Sagittarius.
Sun, Mercury, and Venus in Gemini.
Jupiter and Neptune in Pisces.

Mutability seeps through the collective, bringing the need (and ability) to flex, flow, shift, change, adapt and become something new entirely.

Yet the Centaur asks us: is this actually true?

Are you truly free?

Or is the freedom that’s being dangled in front of you like the metaphorical carrot distracting you, as real freedom continues to be stripped away?

Which truth do you choose?

The one you’re being told?

Or the one you feel within?

(And this is a question that only YOU can answer. Artemis was a twin, yet her independence was fierce. And I feel her impulse runing through this shifting time like a heartbeat. You must decide on this truth for yourself. And be willing to speak it aloud.

So this eclipse portal offers a mutable pool in which to decide.

To try on different truths for size. To go with one. Then go with another. To flex. To shift shape before you settle down and plant your stake in the ground.

Lunar eclipses are potent times

They are opportunities to shake off old energy, density, and constructs. Often this work isn’t optional – BIG pieces of the old paradigm will fall away, yet they’ll only stay away if you let them go, by believing in something different.

SO the work of this Moon is to hold hope. To believe in better. To aim your arrow at the future you know is out there, and keep it in sight. Let the rest go.

Eclipse blessings, friend.

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