Full Moon in Sagittarius & Solstice 20th June 2016

This Monday sees the second of two Full Moons in Sagittarius.

Luna will be reaching her powerful zenith at 12:02 BST, at 29 degrees of this strong, mutable sign, just as we also arrive at Summer’s highpoint – the solstice!

We know that Full Moons are times of culmination, illumination and revelation.  The light shone at these times probes deep into those parts of our psyches, both personal and collective, that may ordinarily be in shadow.   And this time, we can expect to feel this brilliance twofold, as our Sun’s presence in the skies is also peaking.  

Amidst so much global flux, the pivot point in this characteristically mutable lunar cycle reminds us that it’s now more important than ever, to keep our eyes and aims firmly set on our personal, authentic, changeless targets.

Do not let the larger events of this world hijack your personal vision and quest. 
Do not let yours hijack those belonging to others

This sign can exaggerate our need to be in a position of intellectual authority – to know better, and to express it.  The intensity of this lunar phase could easily become an added trigger, so be watchful of your airs and opinions over this Full Moon.

Try not to become engulfed in battles of words and worlds.

Your truth is yours, and others’ belong to them: we will each and all create the realities we need most to exist in, so try not to veer away from the compassion and sharing spirit that exists at the apex of this sign.

Let Luna’s gaze at this time strengthen your sense of personal resolve, but be sure to stay in control of your reactions to what is revealed.

Sagittarius is the truth seeker, the wanderer and adventurer. These pursuits can lead us into uncharted territory, but do not be fearful of the unknown. Sagittarius’ ruling planet Jupiter is currently conjunct the North Node of the Moon (this is a point in the Moons orbit where it crosses the ecliptic, and is associated with our personal evolution and destiny).
This is an auspicious and potent signifier – your bravery now, and the way you are facing your personal challenges could well expand into something of greatness.  This time marks a potential leap in our soul journeys, so above all, be true.

Keep on working toward your greatest good.

Follow and invest your energy into the things which make you grow, make you feel alive, flourishing, thriving and excited.

So look for where this Full Moon is highlighting openings which may be disguised as difficulties or ruptures in the status quo.  Follow your inner guidance, keep your north star in plain sight, and you will navigate to that higher plane.

Wishing you clear vision over this Sagittarian Full Moon and Summer Solstice



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