Pisces Moon – Permission to Put it Down


The waning Pisces Moon reminds me of all that we hold

Every day collecting more.
Sights, sensations, experiences, memories…

Is it too much?

Our nervous systems sure weren’t designed for the amount of information we take in every day…
And a lot of it can get stuck. Or if not stuck, then continuing to swirl around in the ocean of our consciousness.

This makes clearing so important.

Clearing what is there and no longer needed – not only for the health and vitality of our own imaginal realms BUT for the collective too. What YOU see and feel and witness, and then allow to get its hooks into you, also affects the collective.

We’re picking this stuff up off each other all the time.
We’re sharing.
We’re taking it on.
Absorbing and projecting and then re-dreaming this stuff into being.

THIS is the world of the Pisces Moon

The cycling mass of all and everything… it can feel overwhelming.

BUT the water spirits that weave their way through the waves can also be our allies when it comes to the clearing.
The letting go.
The leaving behind.

As the last sign in the zodiac, Pisces holds it all… and invites release

The Moon here makes this release emotional.
Unconscious maybe.
Collective definitely.

Here, today, it is safe to put it down.
Place it here.
And walk away.

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