New Moon in Gemini 25th May 2017

Luna has spiralled into the first air sign of the astrological wheel for this May New Moon, sitting at 4º of Gemini.

It’s a breezy, generous, quick-witted, changeable sign, offering us much opportunity for transition, mutation and renewal.

There is no one strong focus under this Moon – our attention takes on the mercurial character of its ruler:  what appears to be strong and secure can quickly become something entirely different, or so we perceive it.  It’s easy to see the world in perpetual flux under this lunation … which of course, it is!  But our sense of this can be amplified, and too much change, too quickly is not always comfortable.

So avoid exacerbating this, over the New Moon phase.  Look to what you know and love, reliably: to what brings you joy, assurance and clarity.

Find time to rest your mind, seek stillness and calm, so that thoughts and ideas can find you.

Gemini can be the bringer of inspiration, of innovation and connection, but these will not squeeze gladly into over-crowded minds.

Create space.

Be a vessel for genius!

Be the darkness, to hold the spark of light when it arrives … try not to be fearful of the emptiness that it requires.

There is a beautiful lesson to be learnt, in the power of ‘unknowing’ at this New Moon.

Not everything can or needs to be known, predicted, understood and controlled. The alchemy that occurs when our life’s ingredients are allowed to mix and mingle and spill beyond the boundaries is what allows the magic in.

Invite it into your world, release your grip, sit, be, watch it unfold …

And this unknowing extends, too, to YOU and to me.  Gemini embraces our multifaceted, fluid and adaptable natures: under this Moon, we can change.  We can transform.  We can let ourselves be in that state of becoming which doesn’t yet need defining.

SO many of us are in transition:  we are growing, changing, morphing, evolving, but our destinations are still uncertain.  But stop for a moment: the collective destination is also uncertain: we EACH are only creating our very next step forward, with each new one that we take.  The end point isn’t there yet, to give the certainty and (illusion of) control that we crave.  It’s an unconceivable idea.

So allow yourself to BE the flux, to hold the elasticity and grant yourself the permission to not know.  And to change, to re-new, and to be reborn!  Again, and again, and again, if that’s what your journey requires of you.

This New Moon doesn’t want to pin you down.  So don’t try to pin yourself down: commit to your own freedom, surrender to the unknown.

Do you want to go deeper into the elemental nature of this New Moon?  

Gemini holds a particular frequency – each sign is a progression from the last – and working in resonance with this frequency, can lift your intentions to a whole new level!

This is what I have been learning to do for years , and now I want to share what I know with you!  

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New Moon Blessings!



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