Autumn Equinox 23rd Sept 2015

On the equinox, the balance between the day and night are equally matched.

Here in the Northern Hemisphere, this day marks the arrival of our annual descent into the part of the year where darkness and shadow pervade.

We are entering our annual phase of contraction – and this doesn’t mean we become less, or move backwards.  It’s more like making a movement around the inward curve of a spiral – from this vantage point, we get to scan over the bigger picture of how far we have grown, and what we have created this year.

We are being invited to take stock.

Coinciding with Virgo’s Solar ingress, and with Virgo’s Lunar cycle, begun just over a week ago, all of these clearing, cleansing, practical, structured, earthly energies are funneling into us at this equinox.

Are you feeling the urge to just get stuff done, to find clarity and completion?!

In amongst it all, for this day, choose to slow down.

Whilst we are moving through the center of this wonderful, harmonizing portal, today try to pause and take a look at the bigger picture.

Luna’s light is currently filtering through the aged, wisdom-soaked sign of Capricorn, so resist the urge to control the day, and instead appreciate the turning of this seasonal wheel, that you belong to.

It is eternal, as are you.

Appreciate yourself, at this precious point of stillness, before the focus shifts from the building and manifestation of our external creations, to the inner transformations that come at this darker, wintry time of year.

On this equinox, as light and dark are today balancing across the surface of Mother Earth, try to reflect that consciously within.

Be blessed by this beautiful day of graceful stillness and calm.






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