Try This Banishing Spell for Radical Release (Dark Moon Magic)

Woman holding a mirror in a forest

The close of each lunar cycle brings a vacuum of energy.

I’m not talking about the New Moon, which is the beginning of the next cycle, but the oft-forgotten Old Moon, also known as the Dark Moon.

The Dark Moon is ripe for banishments and release

Anything significant that you act upon today will, as we know under lunar lore, come to very little.

Yet the potential that this day has, for ending and impeding anything from growth, is super strong.

Any habits you may wish to break, a partnership that’s going nowhere, even a run of bad luck that you feel has been following you around can end TODAY.

The Dark Moon’s energy is ripe to stop,  back out of, and cut yourself loose from negativity, knowing that there will be no reprisal.

Simple Banishment Spell: What to Do

This is one of my favourite waning Moon spells to cut ties and release contracts. It’s fast to perform, and fast-acting too. It requires only a candle and a mirror. It works best with a black candle, though any colour will do.

It is best done at night, or when the light is low.

 1. First, sit comfortably with the candle in front of you, in front of the mirror, so that you can see your own reflection and that of the candle.

2. Light the candle, keeping the room otherwise dark.

3. You may like to invoke one of the darker lunar Deities – Diana, Arianrhod, Selene, Nephthys, Hecate, for example – though these energies can be super strong to work with, so act with caution and call on them only if you plan to use and respect their presence.

4. Think about what negative elements you wish to release.

5. Once your thoughts are clear, let them become feelings – really try to enter into the state of emotion which causes you the pain and upset that you are trying to rid yourself of.

6. Gaze at your reflection in the mirror as you do this, it will help to bring the feelings to the forefront of your experience. Then drop your eyes to the candle’s reflection and send all of those feelings into the flame.

**Know that with this symbolic shift, all of this negative energy is now being deflected from you, and instead being reflected into, and absorbed by the flame.

7. When you feel ready, stand up and back away from the mirror, until you can no longer see yourself, but let the candle remain. (Yes – carefully walk backwards so that you’re still facing the mirror but not looking into it).

8. Thank the lunar Deity for her presence (if necessary) and return to the candle to blow it out (still avoiding looking into the mirror).

9. Now take the candle stub and throw it away, out of the house. You may bury it in the earth, or put it in the rubbish outside, but don’t leave it lying around, in danger of being re-used.

Top Tip: Focus on the Feeling… and NOT the People

This is a very effective Dark Moon ritual. Yet it’s important to focus or releasing the feelings caused by a situation rather than the people within it. Time changes many things, and when some of it has passed, you may need those people to return. Do think carefully about this.

And be sure, as always, to qualify your spell with the line “let it be in my highest good, and in the highest good of all”.

Sending you insight and the purest guidance today


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