Hello! I am Kat.

And like so many of us,

I am emerging from lifetimes of being buried. 



For years I have been practicing: training, discovering, learning, trusting, but at the same time, hiding.


But now, my trust is becoming a truth that I can’t run away from any longer:  to remain the same is more painful as a prospect than the taking the risk and expanding into the unknown.


So here I am: an explorer of hidden realms, a navigator of shadow. 

I am a mother, a writer, a teacher of medicine, and a shamanic practitioner. 



I am a creator of ritual, an intuitive of the Moon, an artist.

For a long time, the artist that I am made huge, alabaster paintings, all about a sense of something I couldn’t yet explain any other way. I painted and drew, obsessively, creating an archaeology of connections until one day, suddenly, I knew what it all meant.

It was a faith, a prophesy, a shared and channelled blueprint of the paradigm we are shifting into now; and of the place I have come to hold within it …

And now I see, I am here to heal, to guide and to facilitate the journeys of those who are also emerging, those who are here to reclaim their sovereignty. But the only way to do this, is to LIVE it for myself … this is the quest I find myself on.




But the journey to this place has not been easy, I have fallen many times.  After giving birth to the second of my three children, I fell deeply, dangerously, into a spiral of despair.  I was given a convenient label, medicated, and sent away.

Many women are.


But I realise now that the guttural sadness I carried then was the kindling for my realisation, my awakening to the knowing that in the darkest depths of shadow, inklings of truth and transformation were waiting to be found.

And I learnt then the simple truth that life is a pattern, woven of beautiful, spiralling and interlocking cycles.

Life is not a constant, and so to try and ride a wave of one unbroken peak and conquest is not the point.  So much of our experience is impermanent: we ebb and flow physically, emotionally, spiritually, in tune with celestial bodies…

 “As above, so below, as within, so without, as the universe, so the soul…”



  And Gaia’s rhythms do the same.

There is no separation.



To realise this is to begin to heal.

To observe, open and align, to embody and then to merge once more with true purpose is when life becomes sacred again, and true power can begin to return.

My path is one of walking between the worlds, of navigating shadow and light, to bring forth the timeless wisdom and medicine of the Moon, channelled afresh for this Modern World.

For those who are ready, I offer this lunar medicine, healing and boundless creative methods, inspiration and guidance to manifesting stronger, more authentic and divinely unfurling lives.

Will you join me?