Shamanic Guidance Sessions

Are you feeling stuck?

Is there a sticky spot, an area of density in your life that you can’t find your way through?

People often come to me for shamanic guidance when other things they’ve tried just haven’t worked out. When there’s a need for deeper insight, something more ancient, and wisdom more universal. Does this feel like something you need?

My work is a coalescence of seership, shamanic retrieval, and mythic storytelling.

Sometimes light language is also called forth.

Firstly, you’re invited to ask a question. To outline the situation or the circumstance that is troubling you.

I will take your intention, and using ancient trance techniques to facilitate an entry point to the liminal space, I will gather the threads of the story keeping you stuck. Where appropriate, these will be teased out and loosened, disengaging you from whatever is not supporting your quest for highest expression.

This is the beginning of your healing.

At this time, we can’t be together in the same room, so the work takes place remotely. I’ll undertake the work at a set time – there’s no need for you to be present (though if you wish to know exactly when the session takes place – so that you can rest and receive – please let me know).

What happens in the shamanic realms will be relayed to you like a living dream. The threads that I gather, and the stories that I enter on your behalf, will all be told to you.

**On booking a session, please send an email within 24 hours to:, with your question and/or a brief outline of the situation you’re moving through.

Within three cycles of the Sun (i.e. 3 days) the work will be complete, and I’ll send you an email detailing the guidance received form Spirit, including an audio recording for you to keep.

Your confidentiality will, of course, be a priority.

A follow-up call can also be arranged, to further unfold the healing work for you.

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 Your investment: £110

What IS Shamanism…?

When a lot of people hear the word, they think of the Peruvian jungle, psychotropic drugs and plant medicine.

But Shamanism is a practice as old as humanity, and actually has roots much closer to home than you may realise…

Different lineages DO exist all over the globe (and yes, some do involve plant medicine). A lot of the shamanic traditions alive in the world today are 100% accepted forms of healing in their communities. Many have been hidden for centuries, and some have likely died out – who will ever know? – or are hanging on by a thread, with just a handful of practitioners left.

I have been practicing shamanism for over a decade – since well before I even knew it had a name.

Five Years ago, I was initiated into an Ancient Tradition of European Bee Shamanism


This is now known and taught as the Lyceum (formerly the Path of Pollen). It’s a living lineage rooted in Europe and the British Isles. Our practices engage deeply with the Spirit of the honeybee, as a living symbol and ally.

The central belief in this work (and its living embodiment) is in the womb as first-brain, and the axis of feminine wisdom and power.

What this means, is that communication and connection happen through the womb… and not through the mind.

This work is non-linear.

It’s not logical or rational.

The dots don’t join in ways that you can “understand” when observing from the second brain (that’s the brain you hold within your head).

Using methods informed by this European Shamanic tradition, Guidance comes from Spirit like a wide-awake dream.

It may be:

✶ Metaphorical

✶ Movement

✶ Visual

✶ Sensory

✶ Mythical

✶ Symbolic

✶ Story-like

✶ …Or any which way you can imagine.

The guidance comes to me like this, this is how I’ll share it with you. And is best received like this.

This kind of spiritual work is deeply feminine in nature

And yes, it’s a different way of being – so different from what most of us have been taught to accept as “real”.

It requires openness, receptivity, and trust.

But what you get in return is so much more than an answer, a solution, a direction, or a quick fix.

An encounter with this work offers a remembrance of a more ancient way of being.

This work offers way back to the ancient feminine mysteries, to the temples of old, and the matriarchal civilizations of so long ago.

This work, and your participation in it is an unravelling of the patriarchal program that’s been running on this planet for centuries. It’s an opening into a new way of being on the Earth, that is, at the same time so very very old…

Ask yourself:

What if the pathway to personal growth and the trajectory towards your highest expression wasn’t the well-trodden path after all?

What if the pathway leads right through the womb, via the sweetness and sting of the honeybee, and the sacredness of Earth?

This work isn’t for everyone

Retrieving this kind of Spirit-driven guidance is unusual, it’s off-beat and an unknown path for most people.

I understand this. 

It’s why until now I’ve only offered these shamanic sessions to close friends. But if you’re intrigued, if you’re feeling the pull then it probably means there’s something in this for you. 

The time has come to open the weave and step on through. Will you come?

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Your investment: £110

Upon booking, you’ll receive a confirmation email from me.

Please reply to this email with the specific question or situation you’re looking for guidance on.  Alternatively, email me direct at:

I look forward to working with you!