1-1 Shamanic Shadow Work Sessions

A deeply feminine method for reclaiming your lost soul fragments


Doing your Shadow Work is unavoidable in today’s world.

Density is rising up faster than ever before so that it can be released and the New Earth born. As children of the Earth, we’re being called to move this density through our bodies, minds, and emotional fields.

This often looks like:

✶ Old patterns of behaviour

✶ Limiting thoughts and beliefs

✶ An inability to express yourself

✶ Neediness and/ or Obsessions

✶ Anxiety

✶ Lethargy

✶ Rage

…AND many other uncomfortable states that you do not deserve to be in.


These states, feelings and behaviours are transitional… but you can get stuck in them for years.

…Sometimes even for generations. And maybe you’ve been stuck here for a while now?

Do you want to start moving this energy, re-claiming your shadow, and feeling different?


The kind of shamanic shadow work that you’ll practice with me goes right to the root of where these states of being come from, so they can truly begin to move.

No more skimming across the surface, or masking genuine feelings with affirmations or new age “love and light”.

Instead, the work will guide you inwards, to the stories where these feelings all began.

This means following the threads of your shadow’s story, finding out why s/he formed

…And uncovering the medicine that is yours to reclaim.

This work will take you back down ancestral lines


Tracing strands of feeling until you reach the core wounds that are keeping you stuck, so that these can be understood and finally healed.

This work is bold, confronting, and hugely transformational.

Shamanic Shadow Work can move emotional and energetic blocks that you’ve had for as long as you can remember, leading to –

✶ Peace with the present moment

✶ Creativity

✶ Confidence

✶ Certainty

✶ Self-belief and self-worth

✶ The ability to speak up

✶ Sexual liberation

✶ Pleasure

✶ Joy

…But how do you actually get to this place?!

It’s daunting if you don’t know where to begin (and don’t want to invest in years of psychotherapy).


Shamanic shadow work is Spirit driven, with deep ties to the mysteries of the ancient feminine. Let me facilitate a 1-1 session for you

Sessions take place on Zoom, so you can be anywhere in the world.

Find a slot that suits you and go ahead and book – I’ll be back in touch with a few questions before the session begins, and a more thorough outline of the method we’ll undertake together.

OR if you want to chat more about the work first, please do email me at: [email protected]


**If no convenient slots are available my diary may be limited so please get in touch to sort something out!


Your investment: £73 for one 60 minute session.

Three sessions are recommended, but try one first to see how this method resonates, and what you discover. Then let’s chat about what happens next…!

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