What Happened to the (old) Moon School?

by | Jun 8, 2018

The Moon School has gone through a few iterations since its first foray into the cyberland.

It began as a brave expression, a way for me be heard above the cacophony of early motherhood and the relentless (and beautiful) work of keeping tiny dependent humans alive. Whether I knew it or not, I was practicing: sharing, being heard, being seen and quite simply, trusting myself. It’s unlikely that you were reading it then … it wasn’t fuelled by the daily devotional forecasts that quickly took over. But once it became clear that these lunar energy readings that were really helping me, were also being so readily devoured by many other selenophiles across the globe, these became the focus of the work.

I think the Moon is a beautiful and poetic “way in” for many, many people, to the underlying mysteries of our reality. All is not as it seems in our world today. There are onion layers of truth being constantly peeled away, and for many, I believe this process of stripping back begins with the female body, her cycles and her blood. To be ‘cursed’ once a month is simply not a satisfactory explanation for the rippling red beginnings of our cycles.

And it’s not true.

SO as a first step towards figuring out what is true, many women look skyward: To the cycling orb of Grandmother Moon and her ties to the tides: to the waters of the Great Mother, Earth. The Moon and the Oceans. They share our rhythm, rise, fall, flow, ebb, rush and retreat. They allow us to swell and crash, gush and trickle, because, quite simple, they do. And expressions of nature like these allow permission.

There is another direction to go in, for answers and understanding.

This is back, to the ancient ways of our sisters, to the women who came before, and whose wisdom still resides somewhere deep within our wombs. Often this wisdom is hidden behind many other memories too – the womb is also where we store so much pain and trauma. So in the act of looking, it’s all too easy to resist and reject what we find: not just the truth of pain but the gems and the little scatterings of gold, too, those which could quite possibly be spun into the glistening threads, connecting us to our sacred sisters of old.

But you may not know that at the time.

So you follow, or you don’t. You journey in, or you don’t … but the Moon remains, as a constant cycling reminder and an invitation to enter into the work of remembering.

The Moon is steeped in feminine magic and mystery, drenched in myth and irresistible allure.

And offers, of course, a rhythm, which forms the architecture of the inward spiral.

It’s where my journey began: my deep and devoted dive into the feminine mysteries, and my steps still follow Her curves. But now they are also following those threads of glistening gold which lead back… (but of course, time is not as linear as our calendars proclaim. The ancestors are HERE! In me, and in you, and all around us, can you feel them close?)

This is the point: To BE here (wherever HERE is) to receive direction of on what and where and who and why.

The Earth and the ancestors know, we don’t have to figure it out by ourselves… So the most powerful and revolutionary act, right now,   is to listen. Yes, seek out the best methods to listen in with, but listen first. Act second.

This is the Feminine: Gentle. Wise. Interconnected.

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