Luna has moved into the sign she rules – Cancer – so you may find yourself feeling more sensitive and emotionally tender today, than over the past few days.

When the Moon is home, as she is today, the aspects of our psyches which are ‘lunar’ in quality (some may say ‘feminine’ or ‘yin’) are being amplified.  So when Luna is strong in the skies, we can feel the power of our our emotional bodies, our intuitive awareness and receptivity, plus our own qualities of flow and change, so much more strongly than during other transits.

Be aware that increased empathy means you may be easily and quickly pulled into others’ emotional tides, whether you want to be or not.  And being one of the cardinal signs, implying a need to act, a Cancer Moon may drive you very quickly to the aid of somebody close by.

This is a beautiful, protective quality, but also one which may end up doing more harm than good if we don’t keep it in check, and ensure we really are helping others to help themselves, and not taking away their autonomy.

One of the lessons of this Moon is how and when to create boundaries, and how and when to enforce them.

So do ensure that the support that you are showing others currently is being met by their efforts, and (that you are not carrying their weight alone). The moment you feel your own energy reserves depleting, and your sense of personal power being handed over, it could be time to draw back and tend to your own fire.  AND, if you are working hard, even with kind intent, to mask a real pain for the sake of saving somebody else, you may be inadvertently preventing them from embarking on their own healing journey.

Cancer Moons can provide really good opportunities for us to examine these kinds of close and potentially co-dependent relationships we have with the people we are close to.  So if you are feeling the urge to help, protect and defend today (and especially if it is part of a repeating pattern) then use today to take a closer look at the situation.