They tried to bury us. They didn’t know we were seeds.

THAT is a Mexican proverb. And it’s gold.

An organic farmer told me at the weekend that when he hears people speak of soil being made up of elemental and chemical compounds – X% nitrogen, plus X% carbon, plus X% sulphur – it’s SO far off the mark.

Because soil is alive.

It’s literally, predominantly made up of living organisms.⁠

Shamanically, the soil – the good earth beneath our feet – IS the collective dreaming

The unconscious.⁠

The lower world⁠

The underworld.⁠

The so below…⁠

The *everything* we cannot see about ourselves, and our world.⁠

Shamanic definitions are fluid and shift across space and time… it’s why I think a lot of people who practice are reluctant to put their thoughts, experiences, and knowings into print or onto paper. As quickly as I say “it’s this way” someone else may say, “well no, that’s not how I see it/ dream it/ live it…” ⁠

By its very nature, shamanism is non-dogmatic

Maybe that’s why a lot of it moved underground. These fluid, non-specific ways of describing the world and working with her energy and life force gave everyone a little of their own power. And when religion moved into the ancient lands here, most shamanic practices were pushed out.




Because beliefs give people power.⁠..

Change people’s beliefs, and you take their power.⁠

Yet by moving ‘underground’ over many centuries, shamanic practice moved into the place where, ironically, its power was kept safe. ⁠

Down into the so below.⁠

The Underworld.⁠

The unconscious… ⁠

And now as we excavate our shadows, bringing all of this silenced energy up into the daylight, the ancient wisdom comes up too.⁠

Thank you for keeping it safe for so long, good Earth.⁠

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