Blessed and Happy Mabon!

Today we have reached the Equinox – in the Northern Hemisphere we are ushering in Autumn today, and in the South, Spring is beginning to appear. But wherever you are today, light and dark are balanced across the globe, night and day are of equal length, and our Sun has moved into Libra, sign of equilibrium.

This is a pivot point in the year, a day on which to celebrate and honour the shifting of the sacred wheel and to feel and know that we each have a part to play in that turning too.

Luna spends the day in Gemini today, bringing an emotional energy of light, social sharing and connecting.

And as an air sign, this element is currently being activated, so we have a beautiful opportunity to mark this seasonal festival by raising up the energy, using instruments like drums, rattles, bells, or by singing, chanting or just clapping hands in celebration!

Here are a few more suggestions for you, to mark Mabon:

  • Bake an apple cake (apples are a traditional symbol of this festival time).
  • Go out into nature and gather seasonal objects (pine cones, turning leaves, berries…) to decorate your table, for a special supper.
  • Write a gratitude list for all you have seen and done this year (then put it somewhere safe, so that you can re-read it and feel lifted, if you find yourself in any dark moments over the winter months).
  • Clean and smudge your home, in preparation for symbolically closing the doors and windows, as Summer retreats.
  • Do a guided meditation to balance body and mind (there are many good channels on youtube).

Remember that this change in seasons will be echoed down through your own body and experiences, so take some time to allow the adjustments, and to really sense the energy of the divine mother moving through you.

Enjoy the day!




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