Spring Equinox: 5 Uplifting Rituals to Elevate You From a Winter of Shadow!

Here’s it comes…! Spring Equinox hits on March 20th, 2021. Get ready for a whole new beginning…

This is the day each year, when the Sun enters Aries, bringing the fresh, fiery burst of spring we have all been waiting for, to elevate us from a winter of shadow.

It has been a looooong winter season.

So take the opportunity, today, on this day of global balance, to stay still. To take a sacred pause, Integrate the changes, and absorb the enormity of how far you have come. You are not the same person you were a year ago.The ancients held ceremonies and rituals to mark this sacred day, when the light caught up with the dark, and both were momentarily equal across the globe.

It is a seriously special day, infused with magic (yes – yes it is!) on which to mark the changing season, not just on the outside, but through your body too, as you are also a creation of nature.

Here are 5 super-simple rituals to sanctify your day, and kick winter to the curb!

1. Wear flowers

Pin a fresh stem in your hair. Or go the whole shebang and make yourself a flower crown.

Or for a less intrusive option,  buy, or pick a bunch anf surround yourself with fresh, spring flowers to symbolize budding energy, and re-align your own frequency.

2. Take a sacred bath

Outdoors, if you’re brave enough! Use the element of water to consciously cleanse yourself of the dark season, with the intention to release any shadow that you’re been working through. Let yourself off the hook… let that work be done.

3. Light a sacred fire

Honour the Sun at the center of our solar system with a fire of your own.  Symbolically burn away any heaviness held by the darker months.

4. Drum

Let the rhythm of the Earth move through you as an instrument: be the expression of Spring energy!

5. Bake a sunshine cake

Imbue the mix with goodwill for the season… And eat and enjoy!
So be sure to spend your day instead, in heartfelt presence and celebration.

Wishing you a joyous equinox!


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