Luna moved moved into Aries, at 01:44 GMT, on this very auspicious numerological day (11/11).

These numbers have come to hold such a significance for many with awakening minds … do you see them?  Do they call you?

Amidst the digitalization of our world, they offer us frequent signals of the divine connections that are still woven through our lives, regardless of how far we think we have strayed.

Whether or not these numbers mean anything to you, or whether you feel the shift in tone that this day – the 11th of November – carries, the truth is that there is a lot of angelic support around our planet at the moment, and the peak in awareness that this day brings, creates an enormous acceleration of our evolution as a species.

It’s truly beautiful.

Todays Aries Moon is also a bringer of strong, powerful energy.

As a fire sign, it’s quality is driven, expressive, catalysing.

These two forces running through the day mean that it’s going to be very important to stay grounded, and stay present.  Aries likes to move, to race, to compete, and to reach the next level of life as soon as an idea is born.  So be very careful not to miss what’s on offer today.

The 11/11 portal demands stillness, receptivity, and above all, for us to become channels for the powerful streams of divine light that are wanting to anchor into our planet, through our sacred selves, today.

Keep your crown chakra open and balanced.

If you feel anxious or ungrounded (or even if you don’t) shift your focus to the very top of your head, to your own spinning vortex of energy sitting there.  See, feel or know it as a stunning iridescent purple or lilac budding ‘thousand petalled’ flower or lotus.

See, sense or feel a beam of white light shining down from the sky, and into this flower, gently, gradually opening up the petals.

As this happens, you may feel a gentle, pulsing or tingling sensation on your crown.

Feel the beam of light enter into your head through this open flower, and down into the rest of your body.

Let bright white light fill you up and burn away any unnecessary, heavy, tangled projections, thoughts and feelings, leaving space only for what you need to know and feel in this very moment.

Now beam this light down through the soles of your feet and into Mother Earth, becoming a channel … the flow of light is abundant and will not run out.  And Mother Earth wants this gift from you.

Stay present today.  You are divine.