15 Sweet Ways to Cultivate Honey Healing, Medicine and Magic!

Do you cultivate the honey in your life,?

Do you put time and effort into seeking out sweetness, tasting its many flavours, and learning how to hold it in your body?

I’m not just talking about the golden honey of the hive (though that’s a BIG teacher and catalyst here). I’m talking about all those things in our world that resonate at the frequency of honey: The people, conversations, experiences, journeys, places, textures, sensations, synchronicities, musical melodies, moments and everything in between that are HONEY to your heart.

Honey (as an energetic frequency) is powerful medicine for these times.

But shouldn’t medicine should taste bitter, I hear you ask!? Shouldn’t a spoonful of any healing taste bad enough to trigger a response, catalyse a healing crisis and shock the body and mind into switching direction?

On the path of honeybee shamanism, we know that medicine comes in one of two ways – through honey and through sting

Sting hurts.

Sting usually comes as a shock.

Or sometimes as a dull ache that spreads through the muscles of the body and mind like a creeping, swollen bruise of realisation. It’s not pretty.

But honey is different.

Honey medicine is a sweet gift, a rush of life, a healing elixir of ecstasy.
And it doesn’t need to come as a cure for dis-ease, or to combat an illness.

IN fact, I think honey can (and maybe should) be a daily prescription. A practice. Even a pre-requisite to life on Earth in 2021…!

But there’s something else I want to tell you about honey medicine. About the way it arrives. And how it’s a different “medicine” from the medicine that comes in bottles and pills and capsules from the doctor.

Honey is a sweetness that comes from within.

It’s a feeling.

A knowing.

A vibration. And yes, I know that word can sound a little cringe 😬 . But honey comes as a felt sense with its own frequency, its own pitch you can feel into, tune into, and cultivate.

Honey medicine coaxes out what is already within you.

It helps you remember what sweetness is, so the body, mind, and emotional field can get back there. Experience more. Expect more.

Do you crave more sweetness?

Could your life hold more honey than it is right now? 

I’ll be honest, my honey medicine practice is a work in progress. I’ve been as conditioned as anybody here, by our ascetic Christian culture to abstain from worldly indulgence and pleasure. Which is why this is a practice. An edge to walk as we all find our way back to our bodies and a remembrance of the birthright of ecstasy in every moment.

Here are a scattering of my honey medicine practices, I hope you’ll be inspired.

1. Eat a spoonful of honey

Ok, obvious first tip out of the way. Yes, I invite oyu to go and buy a jar of local raw honey from an independent beekeeper or health shop (please not a supermarket or big brand) and eat a spoonful.

Lick it.

Savor it.

Imbibe it as though it were liquid gold (it is).

Making this a daily practice will change your life.

2. Speak positive affirmations

Deceptively simple. Create a list of positive affirmations and recite them daily. Rotate them depending on how you’re feeling and what you need. But don’t just say the words. Let their meaning seep into your muscles. Believe them with your heart. Say them and let your throat know their truth.

Here are some of mine:

✶ I am heart, womb, and Spirit-driven.
✶ My life is sweet, I am blessed and I live a rich and abundant life. I attract good things. My life is a drop of the divine.
✶ I choose happiness. I choose to feel love. I choose to feel good today.

3. Unity breath meditation

This is an ancient and very powerful meditation I learned from a student of Drunvalo Melchizedek, who was given this by the Kogi in Columbia. I recorded it as part of an email course I ran a few years ago. If you’d like to access it just drop me an email ☺️

4. Make a bed outside

This feels so indulgent to me! Maybe it’s the sense of it being stolen time away from all the “shoulds” of motherhood. But hauling a pile of soft blankets and pillows out into the garden to lay in embrace of nature for an hour minus distractions is SUCH honey to me.

5. Practice forgiveness

The process of forgiveness may not feel good (delving into the places you hold resentments and bringing those back up to the surface) but the release is sweet.

6. Lean in when it’s hard

What about the times when people are draining your energy and there’s no time for a focused practice? Stangely enough, leaning in is what lifts me up and takes me to a sweeter state. This means saying yes to the demand and engaging my heart in it. Listening and empathising with the whining child. Giving, instead of taking.

7 Move your joints

Feeling the spaciousness in your body by rotating wrists, opening up shoulders, breathing into physical movement

8. Ask to be shown your honey

The honey medicine that you need one day may not be the same on another. Discernment is part of the practice, but it’s also a good idea to ask. I am SUCH an advocate of asking Spirit to show the way, rather than asking Spirit for specific things.

If I’m not sure what I want or need, I ask Spirit to show me the WAY…

9. Breathe fire energy in from the Earth

The Earth Star at the center of our planet is a firey ball of power. She holds might. She holds heat. She holds sweetness too. It’s possible (and very easy) to energetically take in “breaths” of her chthonic power, almost like you’d do a grounding meditation but in reverse.

10. Womb drop

I wrote about this practice HERE in my post about the Dark Moon.

I drop the center of my awareness from the head (where most often usually sits) down through the body like a falling drop of honey until it lands in the dark secret of the womb. This is the seat of feminine wisdom and power – expressed in a language that doesn’t use words, but images, stories, knowings, and the memories of lifetimes ago.

DO this with the intention of finding your own kind of honey, and that is what you will be shown.

11. Walk to a FAVOURITE place

My favourite place in the Wye Valley is a 2-hour roundtrip from my home (if I’m on my own and not dawdling). It’s a place without any electricity pylons in sight, so it’s a pretty rare spot and an absolutely breathtaking combination of forest, river, and cliffs (and the nesting place of the Peregrine Falcon!)

Do you have a place that makes your heart sing with sweetness?

12. Nap

As an act of sweet rebellion.

13. Anoint with Frankincense

I have a small bottle of frankincense oil that I keep close by. I put a couple of drops on the palm of my hands, rub them together and then cup them to my nose, inhaling deeply. Bringing my hands over the top of my head to the back of my neck a few times, clears heaviness and instills a sense of sweet sacredness.

14 Move energy through the body on the lemniscate

A physical practice, or just with intention, I move energy through my whole body on the symbol of the lemniscate (this is a figure of 8 on its side). Sometimes this reaches from my head to my feet, it may center around my heart, or even loop between my body and something like a beehive, or even the Moon.

A sacred symbol of this path, the lemniscate is a form of ancient technology that brings healing, realisation, and states of ecstasy.

15. Sit with the bees



Do you feel a hunger for this kind of sweet, simple but OH so necessary honey medicine? Please leave me a comment below and let me know which of my practices resonated with you the most.

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