Ready to remember your roots? The Taurus New Moon + Solar Eclipse arrives this weekend!

On Saturday 30 April, the second New Moon in this calendar month will rise: This year’s only Taurus New Moon.

Described by some as the “Black Moon”, la Luna will be new at 10º of rootsy, earth sign Taurus. But not only that. As our twin luminaries Sun and Moon align with almost exact precision, a partial solar eclipse will form!

Solar Eclipse – a supercharged New Moon?

Every New Moon comes as a new beginning. After the cyclical mini-deaths called in by the waning and dark Moon phases, the New Moon is a rebirth! This Taurus New Moon roots that rebirth firmly into the Mother – into her body, her soil, and her deep earth wisdom.

A lot of people talk about setting intentions at this lunar phase. It’s a beautiful practice of intentionally creating change and manifesting new opportunities, in alignment with the ebb and flow of the Moon.

Eclipses are a little different.

Set your intention, yes. BUT be sure to keep a LOT of space open for movement. Solar eclipses will often usher in erratic and unexpected change. They shift the sands on which we’re standing and can shake our sureness into pieces.

On the one hand, an eclipse is a HUGE springboard!

… An opportunity to up-level and reach new heights of personal growth. But on the other, it’s a teetering platform from which to fall. What you think is a strong and stable baseline today, could crumble to dust tomorrow.

Let your intentions be flexible

Set goals designed to –

✶ Discover

Receive guidance

✶ Practice

Under an eclipse, you don’t need to be in control. In truth, none of us are ever in control! But at these Astro hot spots, the illusion falls away more fully. So embrace this. Allow it. trust in the unknown… 

Love + value under a Taurus New Moon

Taurus is the zodiac’s sign of fixed Earth. The Moon here lends a steady, devotional energy to the collective *horoscope*, meaning that under this Moon, we all tend to focus, cherish and appreciate what we have!

This is a wonderful place to begin anything! And the entire lunar cycle will carry these gentle, Venusian vibes through for a blissful four weeks – ao there is no need to rush. Soak. It. Up.

Ruled by the planet Venus, Taurus’ concerns are love, beauty, value, self-worth, and of course money. (Don’t forget that money itself is neutral. A resource, a unity of exchange, and a flow of energy like most things in our world).

So the focus of your personal work – whatever that is – at this New Moon and further into the cycle – will be woven with these threads of life. It’s time to ask yourself –

  • What do I love?
  • How am I expressing that love? Is it enough? Is it felt? Does it cause what I love to grow?
  • Where do I notice beauty showing up in my life?
  • Where do I create beauty in my life?
  • Is living in and cultivating beauty important to me?
  • What do I value?
  • Am I nurturing that with my time, effort and attention? If not, why not?

Self-worth will also come under the cosmic microscope as this Taurus New Moon emerges

Look out for opportunities to LIFT yourself up, and hold yourself in your fullness. Be aware also, that the darkness of the New Moon phase may also send you into a descent of negative self-worth… if this is something you’re prone to.

The Taurus New Moon calls you into your BODY…

It’s no coincidence that Venus, the Goddess of love rules this zodiac sign (and this New Moon). Love is a feeling, but it’s also something we do… we express love through our actions, and we express love with our bodies. This isn’t only making love to others, but to the world in every moment.

If you let it, this Taurus New Moon will open you up into a world of sensuality.

… Of tangible, manifested love. Of endless meeting places with Eros and the pulse of creation itself. Not as an idea or a concept, but as a real feeling in your body.

To truly love is to make manifest…

And of course, the astrological sign of Taurus is known as the master of manifestation and abundance! It’s true. Manifesting, i.e. bringing things to life DOES happen with more ease, under a Taurus New Moon!  Its fixed earth modality sure helps. And so does the love, appreciation, and gratitude that unfold from this sign like cascading waterfall.

A north node eclipse that points forward…

This Taurus New Moon solar eclipse occurs at the North Node.

This is an ever-shifting point on the ecliptic that travels backward through the signs. It sits opposite the South Node, its mirrored twin that changes with it, along the same axis of signs.

The North Node points to the future.

It indicates destiny, highest potential, and collective promise. Right now, this visionary point in space sits in Taurus, showing us that our future is the Earth. We know this. Of course, we know this!

… But are you surrendering to this knowing with full abandonment? Or are you still holding on tight to the paradigm that continues to hurt us all?

Our future is in the soil, the plants, the trees, and the creatures who live here with us. And also in Mother Earth’s wisdom, cycles, and seasons.

Our work at this Taurus New Moon isn’t to overcome all that. It’s not to usurp the beautiful blueprint she has laid out for us for millions of years. The secrets of MOther Earth aren’t something dip in and out of, when you have the time.

This Moon’s task is to listen, learn and align.

Are you prepared to do that?

Taurus New Moon conjunct Uranus, the great awakener

At 14º of Taurus, this icy giant moves slowly. The planet of disruption has been shaking things up in this corner of the zodiac since 2018 and who hasn’t felt the surfaces around them quaking?!

Conjunct both luminaries at the time of the Solar eclipse and Taurus New Moon, Uranus’ muscles are flexing again this weekend. This planet awakens.  And here, it’s awakening our relationships to all of the things described already – to love, beauty, money, value, worth, materiality + abundance.

But realise that awakening Uranus style often looks like disorder, disintegration, and dissolution first. Couples with wildcard eclipse energy and you can expect to feel the rug being pulled from beneath your feet.

… But it’s all in your best interests, Moonchild!

So surrender.

Let your perspectives change.

Allow your opinions to be shattered


Now stick with me… I want to talk a little about eclipses. And about THIS Taurus New Moon + Solar eclipse

Solar eclipses hold HUGE significance!

The ancients knew this and many say they feared the bi-annular blackouts of the Sun, created when the Moon cast her shadow over the Father-God’s surface.

We rarely get to see the shadow of the Moon.

We ‘see’ her darkness, the slivers of her face NOT lit by sunlight. And this is always so – every month, it’s part of the endless dance of dark and light. But this is a different dance to what’s happening this weekend, under the Taurus New Moon.

The New Moon Solar eclipse is a revelation of shadow.

It’s the stark revelation of shadows – of lunar, feminine shadows – that we rarely get to see.

The Goddess, the Moon (and her shadow)

The Goddess and her mysteries live in the Moon. Yes, they do – over centuries, the sisters (and brothers) of our ancestral times filled her up with all the knowledge and power it wasn’t safe to hold onto here. They projected this cyclical and spiritual knowledge onto the spinning orb in the sky.

**(You can think of this literally, or hold the possibility in your heart.. that spiritual wisdom travels along threads that aren’t always logical, but no less real).

And old Grandmother Moon held onto it.

We are each reclaiming, remembering, and reintegrating this deep feminine (lunar) wisdom now, in the present day. You’re doing it now, reading these words!

Yet it’s not all rosy…

Our Moon also holds distorted fragments of the feminine. And she doesn’t often let those pieces go… Until times like this.

This Saturday’s Taurus New Moon Solar Eclipse brings a revelation of shadow. An opportunity to see what is normally hidden, to feel what’s normally suppressed.

Some of the shadow aspects activated by this Taurus New Moon, for you to be aware of, are –

  • Inaction
  • Resistance to change
  • Stubbornness
  • Laziness
  • Jealousy
  • Possession
  • Obsession
  • Overconsumption + addiction

By their nature, our shadows usually remain unconscious. But under this Solar eclipse, they’ll be more easily seen. And this creates opportunities for deep and powerful healing.

So let this be the impulse for your New Moon intentions – to see what’s unseen and heal what’s unhealed. Guided by the delicious and sweet Venusian flow of abundance.

Eclipse blessings to you.


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