Luna is just about to move into Taurus (at 07:10 BST), and still in her delicate, dark New phase.

Taurus brings us into a time of deep, earthy grounding.

A lunar transit through this sign reminds us to enjoy and appreciate this beautiful, abundant planet we are lucky enough to live within the gentle embrace of.

Be in nature today – find yourself a wild spot, somewhere more Earth-made than man-made, and let her vibration seep deep into your being.  Find true coherence.  Let her soothe and equalize your energy field.

Whatever you wish to manifest for yourself this cycle, it begins with a feeling (and one of the truths to manifesting successfully is actually attaining more of this – feelings and experiences, not stuff and objects).

Even a small patch of grass, or a lone tree will do, though beings in the wilds is so much more beautiful.

Open your arms, stretch your body into the wind, embrace our Earth back and see how it feels to belong here.  Gaia wants to provide you with everything you need, and give you everything you desire to be fulfilled, all you need to do is open up and accept it.

Sow your New Moon seeds today, into this fertile Taurus soil and see them grow and bloom.

Spring has arrived.

New Moon blessings,