SO much Aries energy in the cosmic cauldron right now… are you feeling the fire?

This New Moon will rise at 22º of Aries, on April 11th/12th, 2021.

This Moon is a BIG ignition spark. Every year this Moon – the first New Moon after Spring equinox – feels like a launchpad. The Earth is warming up and so are we (hello sunshine!!) And this year, boy are we all ready for some action…

Enter: New Moon in Aries 🔥

Even non-astrologically-minded folks tend to feel this Moon when She arrives. It’s an especially potent expression.

This Moon brings cardinal fire.

As an energy signature, this is the strike of the match – the snap of motion that lights the kindling that gets the whole inferno raging. (And this is all whilst everyone else is still rummaging around in their pockets looking for the box. Aries has already burst into flames).

Aries energy is daring and bold.

Perhaps naïve in its willingness to take risks and push us into new territory. Ruled by Mars, this New Moon (this season) carries a real sense of opening up and marching forward.

In the ‘traditional’ zodiac, Aries is the Roman God of War, counterpart to the Greek God Ares. Both are Divine (godly) expressions of war and therefore associated with the will and intent of battle.

… So this is about winning, isn’t it?

No. I don’t think it is.

I sense Aries holds a much younger energy (much younger even than three-year-olds with homemade swords and daggers) that has little to do with conflict.

This sign has more to do with wide-eyed liberation and freedom from all the conditioning that we tend to pick up on our way around the zodiac.

The cycle above your is head a macro-cosmic mirror of the cycles you move through each month. And this is more than the lunar cycle of growth, creation, and decay (maiden, mother, crone). This is about becoming human. Not progress for progress’ sake, but about becoming progressive people.

In Aries, this journey to wholeness has not even begun.

This Moon, here, holds an energy of innocence. It has no earth to anchor into, no root to grow from. It’s as fresh as you can get.

…Yet it’s not really, truly like this, is it? We’re not truly starting again, are we? Because each cycle builds on the last. Each season builds upon the one that came before, and each year – calendar or astrological – holds echoes of the previous ones. Plural. We are built from our experiences.

So to try and convince you that an Aries New Moon will let you forget all this just isn’t true. Something else is true, instead: Aries invites another archetype through – another spirit is ready to move you under this Moon if you let it: A trickster who isn’t quite what he first seems….

Aries and the Fool

If you practice Tarot, then you’ll know all about the Fool. Here is a character that’s funny and light; Has a curious nature, and isn’t afraid to say the thing that no one else will…

The fool can be a source of ridicule. BUT that’s only with people who don’t know its true strength. Because the Fool is actually one of the wisest, most progressed archetypes you can ever meet, or embody. It’s deep and complex (and so very ‘of our times’ which are equally deep and complex, aren’t they?). 

Think Yoda in Star Wars.
The fairy tale court jester and his oneness with the King.
Or the little boy who calls out his naked ruler in the Emperor’s new clothes.

With the ego stripped right back, Aries is the Fool. Both can see clearly and speak clearly.

This energy expresses freely.

It doesn’t live by the rules, or let anyone curb its behaviour… not out of rudeness or any genuine naivety (so you begin to see if you peel back the layers) but because it’s enlightened. And under this New Moon, guided by Aries, you can see enlightenment isn’t something up there, way out of reach, but held within.

Through the realness of this guilt-free energy, Aries light-hearted humour, and ability to bounce right back after each tumble, the Fool becomes the pivot point around which stories move.

The Fool doesn’t need anyone’s approval, and this is why it can do and say and BE the spark of truth.

This is what this Aries New Moon is asking of us. This is the invitation –

To drop the ego and laugh. TO break the silent seal of any agreed “normals” that aren’t working anymore, and aren’t honestly serving humanity OR Mother Earth.

To see the world with fresh eyes (even if your heart and mind don’t’ feel that fresh!)

Here are 5 ways to harness the innocent and “fool-ish” energy of the Aries New Moon…

Because intentions are wonderful and important (I hope you’re setting some BIG ones for this phase?!) But so are the ways that you choose to act and behave in the world to bring that intention into being.

Aries is very much about the act. The DOING. So whatever you choose to set into motion with the cardinal fire of this New Moon, follow this roadmap. Fuel your inner Fool.

1. Shoshin: Adopt a beginners mind

The Zen Buddhist concept of shoshin, the beginner’s mind is SO apt here under the Aries Moon.

It’s’ about approaching every situation (not just typical learning) with openness and dropping any preconceptions at the door. But it doesn’t only mean your learning has greater potential, it also helps to strip back conditioning about how things “should” be.

We all know there’s a HUGE paradigm shift occurring right now… and to help the shift, we all need to drop the presumptions, something Aries is SO good at.

2. Trust your Instincts

Remember the little boy in the Emperor’s New Clothes? His instinct was to shout out what he saw – to speak the naked truth even though it would cause huge embarrassment and be totally inappropriate. And you know what happened? The constructs of hierarchy all came tumbling down…

3. Leap… trust your wings will grow and luck will flow

There IS a willful (and selective) blindness to risk that comes with this New Moon in Aries!

It’s not about being mindless.

It’s not about being a liability to yourself!

But there’s something about this Moon, so very like the Fool, that creates its own luck.

The Fool is resilient.

Aries is resilient.

Even when you feel like you don’t know what on earth you’re doing… channeling the Fool, and it’s wide-eyed wonder can make miracles occur.

It IS possible under this Aries Moon… set an intention and make it so.

4. Call out wrong behaviour, or ask “why?”

Aries innocence can make the lens through which you’re looking crystal clear.

Systems, structures, leadership, the status quo… all of the behaviours that normally go unchecked can get a reckoning under this New Moon.

YES, you risk looking like a ‘fool’ when you call something or someone out. Asking for proof, validation or evidence can loop back and make you appear naïve or ignorant (especially if you’re the only one asking). But remember, Aries is also a pioneering energy. It comes first. SO by the nature of this time, you are the first one doing whatever you’re doing!

So go first.

5. Dive into the shadow of your fear

The lightness and curiosity of the Aries New Moon makes it’s an ideal time for working with shadow. It doesn’t need to be heavy. The ease with which the Fool shrugs off the ego makes it a wonderful companion into the shadowlands…

Try simply asking yourself the “whys?” and let the answers rise up.

  • Why did I respond like that?
  • Why do I believe that?
  • Why do I feel so strongly about that?
  • Why am I judging him/her
  • Why won’t I let myself try…

The energy of this Moon is different.

Even if entirely clean slates aren’t possible (we’re only human!), fresh eyes are. This Moon – (and all of the other planetary alignments also in Aries right now!) are urging us all to embrace a beginner’s heart, and adopt a questioning, innocent mind.

Let this be the springboard for the New Earth we’re building.


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