Aquarius New Moons always feel like they’re getting ahead of themselves…




Living under this lunar phase, in the zodiac sign of the water bearer can make you feel like you’re just too darn future-focused to make any sense of the here and now… and this New Moon comes as a veritable window into the New Earth (as we don’t quite know it yet!)

The Aquarius New Moon is exact on Jan 21st, at 15:53 EST / 20:53 UK

We’ll see the Sun and Moon conjunct at 1º of Aquarius.

As an archetype, Aquarius is the visionary

This energy moves us to imagine places that may not be visible OR even seem possible at any other time. Aquarius is an invitation to do more than dream – to believe…

But this can be so, so hard when all we believed in no longer exists. When the world is unrecognizable from what it once was…

Now it’s clear that the force of our collective confidence in “the way things are” is no longer strong enough to bind together the ways of the old world…

But maybe we’ve all known, deep down, for a long time that we were living in chains, and this paradigm shift is way overdue?

Aquarius is THE energy that is carrying us over into New Earth

…BUT it’s not as simple as just ”letting go and allowing it to do its work.

Symbolized by the water bearer, Aquarius in its highest form feels like quenching a desperate thirst you’ve felt for a long, long time.

In ancient Sumer, this sign was called Gula: the Great One. And in Babylonia Enki: the Irrigator.

But the great irrigation of our time does not require water.

Aquarius is an air sign and air brings ideas, inspiration, higher perspectives, and higher connection. Air brings the truth. But not an old, stale, fusty and habitual truth…

Aquarian truth comes from the beyond… from the higher mind.

So this New Moon carries an awakening vibration. It’s calling us UP – lifting us, shaking us, jolting us from our slumber and our apathy. This Moon wants to rip away our boredom and acceptance. To activate the visions WE ALL HOLD IN OUR DNA, of a better way. A new way forward.

But the Aquarius New Moon irrigation humanity is receiving will not be a passive soaking!

Aquarius will ask us to dissolve, disband and dismember. To break apart until nothing remains but chaos. And only THEN begin the work of putting ourselves back together.

Uranus – the Great Awakener (within YOU)

Aquarius’ ruler Uranus is the higher octave of Mercury. And while Mercury carries the speed and connectivity of the individual mind, Uranus works in less “logical” ways. Or so it appears…

Uranus is the revolutionary…

The maverick.

The planet who need not explain.

The consciousness of Uranus is what moves through you when:

↠ A flash of light and inspiration serves to course-correct your life’s work…
↠ A sudden realization triggers the urge to dismantle the plan. And head out on an entirely new path…
↠ An old identity shakes loose, and an unrecognizable you steps forward…

But the energy carried in by this New Moon isn’t new

…It’s ancient, in fact. But it may be uncomfortable because it doesn’t follow the rules… and we have all gotten very used to following the rules recently, haven’t we?

So this Aquarius New Moon brings HUGE potential to dismantle. To dismantle anything that feels cosy and safe and predictable, but is keeping the lid on your inner Urania, and holding back the necessary chaos from emerging…

**And if chaos feels like a scary place, THAT is also your work to unpack. Chaos is the nature of the deep/dark feminine that has been silenced for too long….

This Aquarius New Moon’s tools are radical thinking and a brave trust in your intuitive visions of “what if…?”

Setting an intention at this New Moon will help you harness the transformative, future-focused vibration it holds. Sow your seed. Stake your claim. Conjur your image of the future by steping out of the box and away from your comfort zone.

Be brave with your prayer.

Do it for the love

…Do it because the world needs you to.

This Aquarius New Moon is a potent gateway we’re all moving through, as we enter ever more fully into the Aquarian age. It invites leaps in consciousness, so meet that call.

Who you are now, isn’t going to be who you are in a year, two years’, five years’ time.

But to get from the present moment where you now stand, to the imagined New Earth future, you need to lay down your pre-conceived attachments to not just how the journey will look, but the journey itself.

The archetype of Aquarius comes close to the very end of the astrological mandala – after Sagittarius’ quest and Capricorn’s climb. Aquarius doesn’t need to go anywhere at all. It stands in its fixity and changes the world around it by BEING different.

To invite in the New World, how do you need to be different?

Start with yourself. And not as a process of berating what already is: There is a fine line between self-improvement and lack of self-acceptance.

The highest expression of the archetype of Aquarius is the magician: One who can easily alchemize their qualities into something new. This highest expression will be able to express most fully when you are able to first liberate the self, and this requires compassion.

Hold yourself.

Before you start looking around for someone to lead you forward, remember that like all New Moons, this Moon is pointing inwards.

This isn’t about ego.

Aquarius tends to create leaders, yet the kind of pioneering that’s being called forth in each of us, at this time, is something different. It requires us to go deeper, to listen more intently, and to trust more than we ever have done before.

Because inside YOU, is where the future will be birthed from.

It will be made from the stuff that you and I are made of, together with all our experiences combined. Squeezed through this Aquarian portal into somewhere unrecognizable from where we currently stand.

If you try, you may be able to catch a glimmer of it, over this Aquarius New Moon.

SO many blessings to you.

What are YOUR visions for the New Earth? Share with me in the comments below – let’s bring them into being together.


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