A void

A place of sacred pause.

Permission to stop. To slow the pace. To pull back on the relentless march ahead…

These lunar voids come around roughly every 2-3 days and may last a couple of minutes, or even more than a day.

It’s a rest.

A pauses she makes on her route around our planet, and through the shifting energies, she encounters.

Mirroring her medicine, we are invited, too, to pause.

This invitation may be felt as feelings of restlessness, inertia, or a lack of direction. YES – this kind of unease IS an invitation to turn the other way even for a moment! And of course, these feelings are more likely to rise if you’re trying really hard to achieve something, and it can feel that the world is against you.

So instead, I like to use these times to do as the Moon does.




Float around

…and not try and make commitments or see anything to completion.

There is plenty of time for that later.

What will you do with this time of sacred lunar rest?


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