This Tuesday brings the third of three consecutive Super Moons, this one occurring in the earthy, fixed sign of Taurus.

For the Moon to be Full, it must directly oppose the current Sun sign, and just a few days ago, he made his annual move into Scorpio.  This deeply intense solar positioning, coinciding with our descent into the darker months, (in the Northern Hemisphere) often signals the rising of our shadows, as our deepest truths – the ones which have remained hidden, or ignored for the much of the year – unmask themselves, and demand to be noticed.

You may be starting to see this happening in your life already, as the solar transit indicates how things are manifesting outwardly.

Full Moons bring revelations of a more emotional nature, and the intensity of this Super Moon means that you are likely to really feel the emergence of these darker, latent parts of yourself, over the next few days.

But Luna is full in Taurus!  And this secure and rooted sign wants to offer an antidote to the acuteness of this deep, demanding Scorpio Sun.  Taurus wants us to know pleasure, comfort and wholeness.  And the Fullness of this Moon will intensify the feelings of the gains we absorb, from delving into our sensory experiences, and appreciating the wonders of our earthly plane.

But choose carefully how you come to find those experiences.

It may be easy during this time of high lunar energy, to behave with others in a speedy, unconscious way, but one that is not particularly loving, considerate or gracious.

Or as the nights are drawing in, it maybe tempting to fill up on junk food, or numb-ly surf the internet, in order to stay distracted from how you are really feeling.

Whatever it is for you, sinking into the relief and contentment that comes from the pleasures we have always known can be appealing, but may also be enslaving if we are not engaging our conscious mind as we soak it up.

We need instead to be alert, and questioning whether these comforts are really bringing us to a state of authentic wholeness.

Or are they actually blocking our ability to face our emerging shadows?

It may be easier to ignore and mask the strong and passionate depths of feeling ignited by this solar/lunar opposition, but what we have, if we’re prepared to stay conscious to our urges, is really another big opportunity to make an evolutionary leap, and integrate two opposing elements of our own selves.

The shadow contains the parts of ourselves that we have, over time, denied, disowned and rejected.  They are aspects, or qualities, which belong to us, but that we have pushed into an unconscious place, where they have all but disappeared from our daily expression.  So when our shadows rise, and we are suddenly acting or feeling in a way that we don’t recognise, or that we dislike, we often try to mask our awareness and claim over these part of ourselves, by seeking comfort.

It feels good, but it isn’t helping.

So try to analyse the nature (and source of the desire) of the comforts you are seeking this Full Moon.

There is nothing wrong (and so much right!) with pleasure seeking, but we are moving through a delicate balance of light and dark at this time, with both polarities emerging through us.

So let your light – the conscious desire of your heart – drive your search and enjoyment of the bliss that this Taurus Moon wants you to find.

And let your dark aspects become conscious.

Feel angry, jealous, hurt … feel whatever emotions this Full Moon throws light on, as feeling them will create the gateway for those hidden, repressed aspects of yourself to emerge, and be accepted as aspects you, to become slowly integrated into the wholeness of your being.

It is a misconception that these hidden, shadow realms contain only unwanted, harmful or negative traits. In our darkest, subconscious depths, gems of value will have often been buried unknowingly too.

It takes courage and strength to delve into these shadowy places, but for those who do, expect some real, personal treasures to be unearthed.


Sending you Super-Full Moon blessings,