Taurus Full Moon: 5 Ways to Appreciate the Earth… She’s all ya got!

We are children of the Earth.

She moulded us from Her dusty body.

In every moment, She cradles us in the hollow of her hand…

She provides us with all that we need, often without regard, grace, or gratitude.

…And we trust her. Not one ounce of our collective psyche believes She will not still be turning tomorrow. And up until very recently, humanity has taken for granted that She will keep on offering us sanctuary, protection, food, and an ever-harmonizing vibratory omnipresence.

She is a rolling ball of quartz crystal: conscious, living, thriving. But she’s NOT symbiotically existing alongside us – don’t mistake the relationship.

She is allowing us to stay.

Mother Earth graces us with her gifts, and She waits patiently, lovingly, like only a mother can, for us to grow up juuust enough to stop believing we are the only ones who matter.

Enter: Taurus

Taurus is the zodiac sign of fixed earth. And just like Mother Earth, this sign is stable, reliable, constant, rhythmic, and drenched in beauty. So at this peak in this cycle, la Luna sits FULL, in the sign whose vibration, at its best, most closely matches the beautiful presence of our planet.

Here, She will be bright, and she will be big.

During every Moon – and especially at the Full Moon – Luna’s qualities emerge through us. It’s why we feel the Moon’s energetic tides -, her waxing and waning, her ebb and her flow.

In Taurus, these filter and merge with ‘fixed earth’.  So the magnetism, abundance, receptivity, and creativity that Luna (always) offers will ground into the material plane, much more readily than usual, becoming manifest very easily. We’re going to feel the Earth, and it’s going to feel good…!

Here are 5 timely ways to appreciate Her… She’s all ya got!

1. Enjoy Her!

Mother Earth wants you to enjoy her! And the energy of Taurus makes it positively unavoidable!!

So drink in her scents, taste her flavours, wallow in her bounty.

2. Sink into BLISS

How you feel is a choice.

Cultivating the feelings you want, is a practice.

Sure, there may be a hundred things going on in the outside world that scare/frustrate /confuse you. Or a hundred reasons that life just isn’t the way you want it to be right now. But HOW you approach it all, and the frequency that you hold within is entirely up to you.

  • Breathe in bliss.
  • Breathe out stress, anxiety, and fear.


3. Actually allow fixed, reliable, dependable, ethical energy to emerge

Following on…

Gaia will be just fine … this is not about her, this is about US.  So love her, soak her up, consume her bounty, but ensure your choices are born from a heartfelt consciousness.  Set intentions for a more sustainable and nourishing life at this Full Moon, and let older ways of being fall away.

4. Devote to Your body… as a microcosm of Hers

The energy of this Moon is deliciously heavy, rich, and sensuous.

Slow down.

BE in your body.

Transmute your physical experience into something wondrously devotional.

Taurus honours the material, the earthly, the corporeal, so indulge your body, care deeply for yourself under this Full Moon.

Home spa.

Bathe, cleanse, scrub, massage, oil, anoint, rub, smooth, caress, love, adore ….

Prepare the body, today, so that the closing half of this cycle may prime you for the laying down powerful codes of growth and abundance: it starts with YOU at the very center, so don’t overlook your physicality.

How much of what you are striving, desiring, and wishing into being is tangible, actual, touchable in its essence?

How much of the fulfillment you desire in life will have become real when you can see and feel it all around you?

Your body needs to match that essence and be as gloriously, divinely, meticulously cared for, as all of the other elements on your wish list, because it is the interface through which it all becomes real in your world.

5. Trust the Sacred

The sacred will come through this month.

With your presence, attention, care, and supreme, heartfelt trust in what you have to offer to the world – not as some huge grandiose purpose-filled offering, but day to day, and minute to minute.

You are of the Earth.

You are always divinely connected through sense and action … there is nothing more to do, but what you know, in your connected heart, that she is asking.

Full Moon blessings





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