This Wednesday 11th November brings us to a quietly intense New Moon.

She will be reborn into Scorpio, a sign that deals with deep truths: significant truths which don’t just appear in our lives, weaving through as strands in a tapestry – they are the tapestry:






Trust …

In the Northern Hemisphere, the Scorpio New Moon (and Solar transit) will always coincide with our descent into winter, and the more shadowy portion of the year.

Scorpio is ruled by Pluto, king of the underworld.

So this New Moon brings an opportunity for us to sink into our own personal darkness, and reside there for a little while.

Darkness doesn’t mean bad, scary or negative. In fact, this place is a state of really beautiful potential, and of unity. A place to find connectedness, rather than separation.

There is no rush to move on.

Often New Moons bring such a needed burst of energy, of such potential, such newness that we forget their true gift of stillness, introspection and quiet. And Scorpio is a sign that deserves to be honoured, so give yourself some extra time and over the next couple of days, to journey to the emotional, meditative depths that are possible during this dark lunar time.

Take yourself away from others, go out of doors if you can. Removing yourself from all of the trappings of everyday life will lift you up above the perspective that the ego brings, allowing your essential self to be heard, and to hear. This is a time to listen to your intuition – to trust and strengthen the connection you have to the you which resides on a higher frequency.

Set your intentions from that place this month.

This week, as well as the Moon and Sun, Mercury is also in Scorpio – and this conjunction brings a focus onto our communications, our ability to reason and the ways in which we think. These highlighted themes are closely intertwined and affected deeply by themes of Scorpio, so as you think about your intentions, your edges for growth and creation, wonder too how you can harness the energy of this planet.

Any goals you set, and desires that you consciously declare this month, to do with the realms of the mind, thought patterns, internal dialogue, external dialogues, and connections with others are likely to demand that you dig deep, to uncover some blocks or even hidden trauma, before you can truly move on with clarity.

So as darkly mysterious this cycle may appear to be, as we enter into its hidden realms this Wednesday, it has the potential to be richly, sweetly rewarding and truth- bringing.

And it needn’t be a lonesome journey either.

Scorpio brings with it the energy of the mystic.

The veils will remain thin throughout this next lunar month, so energetic, archetypal support and guidance is extremely close at hand. Our task is to remain in the frequency most open to receive it – and of course, to ask when in need.