Scorpio New Moon November 2023: 6 Spirit Guides to Summon…and HOW

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The Scorpio New Moon will rise on November 13th, 2023.

As we enter into the year’s most liminal time, this lunar cycle opens up an opportunity to dive deep into the shadows. But who are you taking with you?! Read on to find out…

What’s the spiritual significance of the New Moon in Scorpio?

The spiritual significance of the New Moon in Scorpio relates to its proximity to Samhain, the Celtic sabbat, and witches’ New Year. The New Moon hits when the Sun and Moon are conjunct, and this year it occurs on November 13th, two weeks after Samhain (pronounced “sow-wen”). This Celtic Sabbat marks the annual emergence of underworld energy.

Here in the Northern Hemisphere, the dark days are finally overtaking any late warm summer sun. Heat is retreating, and the air is definitely beginning to steep and swirl in Scorpio energy.

As light starts to fade up here in the 3D world we call home, spiritually and symbolically our personal and collective shadows are rising into consciousness.

Most moderns know Samhain night as ‘Halloween’. It’s a spooky time of costumes, trick or treating, and ghost stories.

Yet behind the commercialism, Samhain is a longer, slower affair.

It’s a season.

6 long weeks until winter solstice and the lengthening days, it’s a time to melt into the darkness, practice intuitive listening, and connection.

And what’s often overlooked at this time, is the opportunity to honour all those who have come before. To remember those who have crossed over, call them into presence, and petition them for guidance and support.

This doesn’t only mean blood kin – We all belong to a lineage: familial, tribal, practical, and spiritual. We share blood with ancestors, but we share soul with so much and so many more.

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What should you expect during the Scorpio New Moon?

How this new Moon affects you personally will depend on your natal chart. For those with planets between 16º and 26º of the water signs (Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces) take extra note, as the new Moon sits at 20º of Scorpio, conjunct Mars at 22º.

Yet this New Moon will have a collective impact – its astrology will be felt by all as an opening into a new cycle of death and rebirth.

The Scorpio new Moon is the shaman’s Moon

Scorpio Moons guide us into mystical, hidden, forgotten places. Internal landscapes, planes of the psyche that have been hidden for longer than our own lives, longer than our current bodies have walked the earth. 

But far from being scary, hostile, guarded places, these alternate realms – I’m thinking especially of the lower worlds – can be places of transformational healing and knowledge.

Scorpio New Moon energy brings big profound change change. But this change comes through the process of death and rebirth, which can be scary to the uninitiated.

For this reason, when moving through the depths of a Scorpio Moon cycle, true surrender is required. 

Yes, this can be scary. But if you can truly trust, and follow the path into the void, you’ll find the deep waters of Scorpio to be soothing and actually safe.

But how?!

By calling upon your own allies, guides, spirits, and totems to be with you to surround and support you. And also to remind yourself, and re-familiarize yourself with the energy signatures of other people or beings, which may be resonant with yours, at this point in your life.

This month’s Scorpio new Moon is the IDEAL time to cultivate a practice of connection to these allies beyond the veil. Ancestors, guides, spirit helpers… whatever you name them, they are waiting for you to ask them to be present.

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6 Spirits to call on under the Scorpio New Moon:

  • Family members who have passed, ancestors, and kin who no longer reside on this side
  • Spiritual teachers from your tradition, or a tradition you feel drawn to
  • Artists, healers, inspiring figures of the past, whose message you share and feel you are continuing today
  • Historical change-makers whose existence has had a profoundly positive effect on you
  • Gods/Goddesses from Pantheons you feel drawn to
  • Animal totems you feel guided by

How to start working with your spirit helpers and guides

To start working with your ancestors, spirit helpers, and guides, first create an altar.

Find photographs, prints, statuettes, or art (perhaps old family albums, postcards, or pages from books) depicting figures that you connect with, who inspire you and with whom you share a deep, deep affinity.

You may also want to channel your own drawings, poems, or writings.

Gather these materials as symbols of the lineage you’re a part of, and are still pioneering today.

Place them on your altar, if you already have one. If not, then create one for this lunar cycle – this could be on your dressing table, kitchen table, or even your car dashboard or a pile of books. The key is intention.

Now place a candle on your altar, and light it as a symbol of the connection between this world and the world beyond the veils.

Awaken your altar by singing, drumming, or rattling over it. As you do, hold the intention that this space becomes sacred and holy, a place of connection between the worlds, an appropriate place for your Spirits to reside.

Trust that your altar is an anchor point for your devotion.

Sit with it, and pray, petition, meditate, and journey with your spirit allies as many times as you can, and for as long as you wish, over the lunar cyle.

Remember to keep awakening your altar, and refreshing it with other objects like flowers, herbs, incense and offerings of food.

Use this new Moon in Scorpio to honour where you’ve come from.

Bring those who have walked this path before you back into consciousness.

Offer yourself as the connecting link that joins their wisdom, with the potential of the present moment, and the future yet to come.

You are not on your own, and you are not starting again.

May you be reminded during this Scorpio New Moon, of the depth of your connection to the wise ones, and the may you feel their hands upon your shoulders as you walk your own path through life.

New Moon blessings.

Scorpio New Moon Meaning

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