Heads UP! The New Moon in Scorpio will rise on November 15th, 2020

The darkness of days has begun to overtake the senses and any glimmers of warm, late summer sun have finally retreated.

The air is definitely beginning to steep and swirl in Scorpio energy!

Sun and Moon are conjunct in this deep, mystical sign on November 15th this year, just a fortnight after Samhain (pronounced “sow-wen”), the Celtic Sabbat which marks the annual rising of of underworld. So as light starts to fade, up here in the third-dimensional world, illumination comes to this buried place of shadow, ruled over by Pluto, which is also planet of Scorpio.  Most moderns know this night as ‘Halloween’, the time in which the veils between worlds are thin, so supernatural contact and sometimes fright can occur, (and is so often encouraged!)

In truth, it’s a longer affair.

The winter months are a time of slow, intuitive listening, a time for communication and connection. And what’is often overlooked at this time, is the opportunity created for honouring all those who have come before. Honouring, and petitioning them for their powers of memory and experience.

We all belong to a lineage: familial, tribal, practical, spiritual.

We share blood with ancestors, but we share soul with so much and so many more.

This New Moon is the Shamans Moon.

Scorpio guides us to dark, hidden, covered-up places, places that have likely been hidden for longer than our own lives, than our current bodies have walked the earth.  But far from being scary, hostile, guarded places, they can be places of knowing and breakthrough and transformative healing.

Scorpio energy brings big change, profound change. But only through the process of rebirth – and surrender is demanded when we are moving through this Lunar sign.

If you can let go of any fear, then you may find the deep waters of Scorpio to be soothing and actually safe.

This is the ideal time to call upon your own guides, spirits and totems to be with you to surround and support you. And also to remind yourself, and re-familiarize yourself with the energy signatures of other people or beings, which may be resonant with yours, at this point in your life.

Here are 6 examples of Spirits you could call on:

  • Family members, no longer residing on this plane
  • Spiritual teachers from your tradition, or a tradition you feel drawn to
  • Artists, healers, inspiring figures of the past, whose message you share and feel you are continuing today.
  • Historical change-makers whose existence has had a profoundly positive effect on you.
  • Gods/Goddesses from pantheons you feel drawn to
  • Animal totems you feel guided by

Find photographs, prints, statuettes or art (perhaps old family albums, postcards or pages from books) of figures that you connect with, who inspire you and with whom you share a deep, deep affinity.  Or you may want to channel your own drawings, poems or writings.

Gather these materials as symbols of the lineage you are a part of, and are still pioneering today.

Place them on your altar (if you have one), on your dressing table, kitchen table, even your car dashboard.

Use them as open windows, portals through which the frequency they hold can enter into your world, strengthening and guiding your thoughts, expressions, words, actions and ways of being during this new Moon cycle.

Honour where you have come from, by bringing back into consciousness the strength of past gains and be nourished by them during this dark time.

You are not on your own, and you are not starting again!

So be reminded during this Scorpio New Moon, of the depth and soulful intimacy of the forebears you have gathered around you at this time.

Invite them in!

New Moon blessings.