What’s YOUR Truth? New Moon in Sagittarius

Is the truth yours, or is it mine?

Do we all share one truth, or do we each have our own?

Are we really holding perspectives and not truths at all… Is your sense of the truth simply a filter, a lens through which you’re looking, granting your view no more truth than anybody else’s?

Sagittarius seeks and searches, with an insatiable yearning to discover the core, crux, and essence of truth.

But right now, in the world of today (which is so, so different from the world we were living in at the dawn of the last lunar cycle … or is it?) the concept of truth has become even more mystifying.
The idea that it’s an immutable concept, a point of sweeping, consensual agreement seems less likely now… If so many people believe such drastically different ‘truths’ than yours, can either of them be described as such?
But perhaps the idea of truth, the substance of it, the realness that the word defines is a constantly shifting, moving and elusive shade; an indescribable colour, a glistening hue that changes as we do.

What you feel and know and are today, will be different tomorrow.

What those around you feel and know and are today will also be different tomorrow.
So perhaps our job is not to define, categorise and label our essence, because in just the next moment, the definition, the category and label will stop fitting.

It will become a limitation instead.

And if there’s one thing Sagittarius cannot do, it is to sit happily within a limitation.
Probing, pioneering and gutsy, the frequency brought by this New Moon encourages active exploration and deep delving. A New Moon in Sagittarius will not let you stay quietly within the confines of what you think we know about yourself.

You may be restless under the New Moon in Sagittarius. Restless for knowledge and restless for answers.

Sagittarius loves to wander and explore and expand, but right now, try to channel this desire into what will truly serve you, perhaps the things which feel mundane, or feel too earthly and every day to be important on an ordinary day.

New Moon blessings to you


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