Luna will reach the zenith of this current cycle on the evening of Saturday 21st May, at 22:14 BST, at one degree of Sagittarius – making this the first of TWO Sagittarian Full Moons in a row – a rare occurrence!

Sagittarius energy is represented by the archer: the truth seeker and quest-maker, with its desire to expand outwards, from a core of understanding, and into the world unknown.  This Moon drives us to look beyond what lies within, and be inspired by what exists over and above the familiar and accepted.

Our capacity to keep creating new, expanded and evolved lives depends on the embodiment of this Sagittarian energy – on what is conceivable in the furthest reaches of the mind and heart.  Any limitations established here – either consciously or through unconscious programming – will, in turn, become the limitations of the world as it is perceived, discovered, and created. 

Your experiences will only fit into the realms of what you allow them to, and no more.

This Full Moon is asking us to examine these parameters, to travel to the outer extremities of what we think is possible for our lives to become, and when we get there, to take our aim further.

Because if our capacity to dream is restricted, then so is our capacity to consciously create from those dreams. 

By shining her light of illumination onto where all those shadowy places exist in our psyches, this Full Moon is directing us to break down those limitations, and dismantle our blocks to free thought and longing.

So expect to discover your own voice of authority and authenticity under this Full Moon!  Though be prepared that this may happen first, by you realizing where you feel silenced, or stuck by living those sensations (so be sure to trace them back to your actions and attitudes, don’t disempower yourself further by allocating blame).  This is an opportunity to discover and reveal a truth beyond ordinary bounds.  Listen to your yearnings, feel the pull as you are moved in the direction of your heart, and silence any ego-chatter which tries to steer you away.

At the time of this Full Moon, Mars is also moving through Sagittarius, so Luna’s bright influence on this (currently retrograde) planetary energy will certainly amp-up some of the strong, assertive and especially oracular qualities that these transits will already be highlighting in each of us.

It may be a fiery one – so think before you speak, and before you declare to the world all that you are discovering about yourself and the extent your desires.  Wait for the intensity to die down, it is sometimes better to sit in your own light, before it is ready to be dispersed freely.


A few Questions to ponder during this Full Moon –

  • Do you feel to roam, whenever and wherever you please? (not only geographically – do you have the mental space and emotional freedom to think and feel however radically you may desire to?)
  • If not, why not?
  • Are your limitations learnt? Are they cultural? Are they real?
  • Do you believe it has to be ‘seen’ to be believed?
  • Do you believe in logic?
  • Do you have set, stereotyped ideas of what it is possible for you to achieve, or spend your energy on?
  • Do you set goals and intentions for your life based on what you think is possible, only according to your current means?
  • Do you place limits on what you desire because of fear that your truth will upset or shock others?

Try to meditate on any of the questions you are drawn to, dismiss the ones you are not, and see what insight and clarity you find.  The energy of this particular Full Moon will highlight and support your efforts to seek out understanding, and also guide you to try out and test what you discover about yourself.

So look out for opportunities throughout the next month (Full Moon to Full Moon) to express, anchor and make manifest in your 3D reality, your unlimited, boundless self.  The world oyu move through physically will mirror and reflect back to you all that you are, so as you grow and nurture your expansiveness, your world will reveal greater and wider possibilities back to you.


Give yourself to this opportunity.


Full Moon blessings.





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