I can’t think of a better cosmic energy signature than this, to bring in the opportunity for collective closure and release.  To commit to learning the lessons of our time, to integrating the medicine of the cycles, and to letting go of the old, tired energy still tied up in our collective past.

Sunday’s New Moon (the 26th Feb, exact at 14:58 GMT) is also a solar eclipse, and both come at 8º of Pisces.

Pisces is often regarded as a floaty, dreamy, boundless space of emotion and sensitivity and YES, it does carry that essence between its shores.  But this Sea of formlessness is also the place where all things reside, before they are created in our world, and where all things will fall down and return to.

Just as the darkest phase of the lunar cycle is often felt as the rich, velvet, enveloping womb of the Goddess, where all things are born, and many things also go to die … this last sign of the zodiac shares this crucible-like nature.

The portals which are created in this sign, are made of extreme and magical power.

Eclipses occur (very) close to the Nodes of the Moon.  The lunar eclipse of two weeks ago arched up and forward into the North Node, pushing and encouraging us to align more deeply with where we envision our futures to be.

And now, here we stand, two weeks more progressed on our paths, with this New Moon & Solar Eclipse sitting at the South Node.  This is a point in space (where the two orbits of Sun and Moon appear to cross) associated with our collective past, our history, our established patterns, zones of comfort, inactivity and the dangers of jaded vision.  This place shows us where we are complacent, where we have been programmed to stop fighting, to hide ourselves.  It shows us all of the things which holds us back: our trappings, our baggage, the heavy weight that we find difficult to shed.

So a New Moon and Solar Eclipse in Pisces, at the South Node, will not let us proceed, unless all of this weight and history is first left behind, and so gives us a strong and meaningful opportunity to do so.  This is not an idealistic New Moon, not pioneering or reckless, but wise and knowing and very real.

We cannot pretend about who we are and where we have been, at this time.

This is the last solar eclipse in Pisces for 19 years.  So the work that we do now, to unravel and untie and release ourselves of our collective conditioning will set the stage for this whole next span of time.  When “the collective” is spoken of, it carries an air of the poetic, it feels charged, unifying, but also sometimes mystifying and a little out of reach… What do the actions of one person, of me, of you, really matter, when the “collective” holds so much mass, so many different people and their stories?

Tales are told, revived in the media and in history books, of how single people changed the course of history, of how one person’s act did change it all, for us all, once upon a time.  But a lot less is heard about how much inner work, how much soul searching and diving and personal healing that that one person needed to do first, to even be able to take such a courageous and revolutionary step.

Because really, truly, the collective change that each single historical and mythical figure affected, began first within.  It is the only place it can.  And however much less dramatic, however much less public and publicised, we each are making those collective changes, every day.  The often unconscious nature of this is shifting, rising to the surface, being seen, but sometimes still seems hard to believe.

So to accept the challenge of this time, to enable this Pisces Solar Eclipse to rise us from our collective (South-Node) slumber, we each need to look within, before acting without.

It’s vital to do your own work first.

Take real steps to heal your pain, this cycle.

Make peace with yourself.


Pull up your weeds, and tend to your inner garden.

Let your formless, boundless and limitless Piscean sea envelop and heal you.  And make sure that what rises from this place within YOU, is clear and strong and true, and the collective ills will fall away.

Eclipse blessings to you



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