The very first New Moon of 2016 fell in Capricorn.
And here we are now, at the opposite end of experience, with the same zodiacal lunation closing the calendar year.
These two sister Moons have been the container for an enormous time of transition, purification and endings … How many of us are just waiting for it to all be over?!
2016 has been a wild compression of events with very little space left to breathe, and the numerology has been a blueprint of affirmations, guiding us towards this closure.
(There is a lot of good information out there about the 9-year cycle [2+0+1+6] and its end, so look it up if you are interested).

This New Moon on the 29th Dec, at 06:53 GMT, comes at a time of contemplation: of pondering, planning and projecting, as the next 13 Moons sit before us, pregnant with possibility! Capricorn is a sign which calls on us to see far ahead, to gaze into the potentials of our future and make them more, or less likely to arrive, according to the strategies and systems we weave now.
A planner, a doer: tireless, unwearying and resolute, this sign does not leave what’s coming to chance. It faces forward.
But Capricorn energy comes from close to the end of the zodiacal wheel. As the last of the earth, and the last of the cardinal signs, it holds the wisdom of its families, just as we hold the wisdom of our families, our ancestors and those who led the way for us.
Capricorn reminds us to heed lessons, to see patterns, to understand legacy.

We don’t need to be weighed down by the past: Cardinality initiates, motivates, sets goals AND follows them; but we DO need to be careful not do dismiss, ignore or forget the tests we have lived through this year. In our hurry to move on from the harder times, the memories and the situations which have challenged and held us back, its vital not to throw away the lessons and knowledge that they brought. Whether we like it or not, they are our building blocks now. Without taking them into consideration, we will start off a lot closer to square one than is warranted or deserved.

So don’t be too quick off the springboard.

Allow time to integrate this year’s changes before launching into the new.
Allow your ritual, your action, your behaviours, your practices now, today, to embody a strong, stable assuredness and a deep, grounded presence.
Capricorn doesn’t rush.
And although often not easy times, the tangible, practical gift of earth that Capricorn Moons bring, remind us to dig into and appreciate our incarnate selves. There is a steadiness to this Moon which will create firm foundations for the year, if we set them with with authenticity.
So accept your struggles. Accept OUR struggles.
Accept our successes and our failures with humility.
And only then start to work on what to do next.

Sending you huge blessings for the next year and beyond,